Compare Cowin E7 ANC and SONY Wh1000xm2 Headphones

For a long time I dreamed about headphones with a systemHe was even about to make active noise cancellation by himself, but his hands did not reach. In this article I want to compare expensive and cheap noise canceling headphones, as well as dispel some myths about them. Warning, the author is an amateur and is not a professional in the field of sound. The review is written for ordinary users and is categorically contraindicated for audiophiles.

Cowin E7 ANC
And for some stock bought e7 for about 3thousand roubles. How are you feeling? When you turn on noise reduction, the sound changes and gets worse. When noise reduction is turned on, the headphones cut out low frequencies from music too. The system can only suppress the lowest frequencies. In general, the meaning of its use is only if you work in noisy industries / metro. How to determine what headphones you need? It is very simple, if at the place of future use you put on any closed headphones (ear plugs) and you get the feeling that you put on a pan and knock on it, active noise reduction is what you need. This is because passive noise isolation copes well with medium and high frequencies, but poorly with low frequencies, and active insulation is exactly the opposite. In fact, any sound, such as the operation of a jackhammer or a perforator, seemingly low-frequency, also contains medium frequencies. Therefore, it is not able to completely suppress its active noise reduction. Cowin E7 ANC unlike SONY manages to muffle wind noise while SONY wind noise only amplifies. When using as a headset, some interlocutors complain that they don’t hear me well. Sound quality for its price is normal. They sit comfortably on my head; personally, glasses do not interfere with the wearing of these headphones.

The story of choosing expensive headphones

Left Sony Right Cowin

SONY Wh1000xm2.

What can I say about this model? Let's start with the negative. You can watch the video with a vilsak and think that these are super headphones, this is not at all the case. Firstly, switching the noise reduction modes (3 of them: noise reduction, amplification of external sounds, turned off) takes a very long time - 4 seconds, it is also accompanied by a voice in English, which personally annoys me (4 seconds is a very long time) because I often listen to audio books and conversational videos and don’t want to listen to the name of the mode instead of the audio book. When the maximum / minimum sound is reached, the main signal is muffled for about a second and a long beep is heard. When using headphones as a wireless headset, just like COWIN E7, many complain that I can hardly hear when I try to talk to them. Very strange, I can hear myself perfectly, but they hear me badly, I don’t understand why this happens. My interlocutor directly says "Call you hard to hear"
Quality active noise reduction SONY Wh1000xm2.It works, the sound of songs does not deteriorate, all low-frequency sounds are suppressed. For example, putting on the headphones in the subway (off), you will hear the same as in any other closed headphones - those same low-frequency sounds - the hum of air, the hum from distant fans, knocking, rumble. I turn on the headphones (automatically, when turned on, active noise reduction is turned on) and all these sounds are noticeably muffled. When you go to the subway with the active noise canceling system turned on (without music turned on), you can hear the metro station announcements. That is, it is the active noise reduction system that does not cope with the voices of people, especially children. If you are worried about the screams of children do not even try to escape from them with these headphones, they will work just like any closed headphones. Walking along a noisy avenue and turning on your headphones (without music) you don’t find yourself completely isolated from the world (as wilsacom promises) you also hear cars passing by, but the noise becomes much quieter I would say 65%. Earphones shamelessly pass wind noise and amplify even a little. If you want to walk in them along the windy streets, perhaps you should look for something else. When you ride the minibus and someone slams the door, a pressure drop is created and the headphones amplify this drop and give you cotton in your ears. It also happens when driving through tram tracks or through pits. (for cowin e7, this effect is much more pronounced and they constantly “clap” while riding the minibus, as well as if you try to run into them). Sony does not succumb to simple provocations such as running or jumping and do not make any extraneous sounds. The function of applying a palm to the headphone to turn on the amplification of external noise works, it turns on like a very long time - about 1 second, and people around you usually do not know that you are so technological and may be offended that you are talking to them without removing the headphones, but remove the headphones much faster than waiting until this system turns on. Moving smoothly to the pros, I note that I like the touch control, although sometimes there are false positives (false in the sense that I accidentally touch the touch surface and the headphones produce some kind of effect). The headphones look high quality (upon closer inspection) but rather modest - there is not a single chrome or shiny detail there. Those. Gopniks in the area will never guess that they are facing a man with headphones at a salary in the province ... If it seems to you that I'm trying to mud these headphones, remember that I bought them for my money and do not regret my choice and use them constantly.
On the back side of the box are written a variety of characterization, if anyone is interested

There is a special application for themsettings, but I did not find there anything interesting that I would need to change. There was an equalizer, adjustable noise reduction (from suppression to amplification of external noise of 20 steps) and priority was sound quality or something else. I did not find the point of changing the noise reduction intensity, if I want to move away from the world, I turn on noise reduction and it is turned to the maximum, if I want to hear external sounds then the amplification mode of external sounds should be turned to the maximum, if I need something average, I just turn off noise reduction. All default settings are set normally, I did not equalize the sound with the equalizer, the priority of the sound was on the quality, so I played a little, returned the settings as they were and erased the application.
SONY Wh1000xm2 will suit you well in the subway, onin noisy streets (without strong winds) in noisy industries (press, weaving looms, etc.) the sound quality is very good (the best I've heard), but they are several times more expensive than anything I have ever listened to. They manage to cut off noise even in seemingly quiet rooms (noise of air currents, some working equipment and ventilation). A slight effect is felt in the train, although honestly such a noise can simply be interrupted by turning on the music a little louder. Price at the end of 2018 18-25 thousand on the Yandex market.

COWIN E7 copes with noise much worse I wouldsaid 3-4 times (I estimate it is active noise reduction, passive I think the same, did not even compare to be honest). They are suitable for noisy industries (press, looms, etc., working engines, pumps) and in the subway (the best effect when the train arrives when you expect at the station) when you travel in a new metro train they are almost useless. In old trains with open windows there is little effect. Noise from motorways passing trains (if they pass nearby) I believe that they are suitable for use on an airplane, if bluetuth can be used there, if it is not possible they will slightly reduce background noise, but I can’t fly on airplanes so I can’t check. Not suitable for sports Shumodav “claps” at every step while running. Price at the end of 2018 4.7 thousand on ali

General conclusion Any active systemnoise reduction for 2018 is powerless against human speech and all the more high-frequency. Do not count "Immersed in complete silence." If you are ready to give 25t for headphones before buying, it is best to listen to the headphones live and only then make a purchase decision. If you put on closed headphones or earplugs in a place where you want to use headphones with active noise reduction and hear a loud rumble, rumble, noise reduction will help partially cope with this. If this buzz and noise is so strong that it interferes with listening to music or even drowns it out, you can try the relatively cheap COWIN E7 they will help - it will become more comfortable. If you want to listen to music at low volume and the sounds surrounding you cannot be called deafening, only expensive headphones such as SONY Wh1000xm2 are suitable for you (by the way, the third revision of Wh1000xm3 has already been released, but I do not plan to change them because there are no extra 25t)