Stylish feather Kaigelu 220

Well, I like them, kangaroos. Style, curiosity, raisins - these words immediately come to my mind as soon as I pick them up. Add to this a good assembly and manufacture, season with a humane price tag and we will end up with a great accessory with the function of writing on paper.
* game under the cut.
The handle has a cylindrical shape. The cap, in diameter, is slightly thicker than the main body and is actually separated from it by a hoop decorated with a gold ornament.

The first thing that catches your eye with a detailed examination of the cap is the lack of a kangaroo image at the base of the clip. A trifle, but unpleasant.
But there are no complaints about the quality of execution - it is fitted clearly, without gaps.

The case of the fountain pen is plastic, made inblack and gray colors. As you can see, the border between areas of different colors is clear, colors do not mix. I liked this color. It looks somehow unambiguously, like a smooth cut.

🙂 Поскольку колпачок в положении «закрыто» свободно вращается относительно корпуса, то чёрные и серые участки поверхности можно легко сместить относительно друг друга. Так можно убивать друзей-перфекционистов.

The fountain pen gripper continues the jeweled trendthe hoop. And it bears on itself, albeit a straightforward, but pretty pattern in the form of concentric rhombuses, in the center of which (finally) we find the brand logo - the image of a kangaroo mother with a baby in a bag. Below this composition is the inscription Kaigelu 220.

On the back of the flu is also an ornament, but alreadynot from straight lines. We also see the complete absence of any marking of the pen. For the lazy, I’ll say that on the seller’s page, the ink line thickness is declared at 0.7 mm.

The outside of the pen also aboundsembellishments: engraved image of the logo - the kangaroo is very successfully framed by an ornament. Below is the inscription Kaigelu; now without the model prefix. The pen is almost completely gilded, but there is no indication of the use of precious metal (kgp) either in the description or in kind.


A pen test, as was usually done with Rainbow ink on SvetoCopy paper. And the quatrain presented in the photo is a task for the quiz “Guess the author - get +”.

What can I say at the end. The pen is unusual and even unusual in its design, easy to maintain and has good writing characteristics. She does not have a pronounced gender identity, but her design reminds me ... um ... this dress.

Therefore, I would recommend paying attention to this fountain pen of lovely ladies in the first place. I say goodbye to the sim. Good to all!