Step drill 3-12 “carrot” for drilling holes with smooth edges.

A carrot 3-12 came to the review with a step of 1 mm, just this was not enough to drill holes with an odd size. Typically, these drills come in 2mm increments.
Comes in a bag without bubbles, wound in foamed polyethylene. The drill bit did not gnaw, already good.

It looks good, made smoothly.

The marking is applied well, does not erase with time.
Sharpening is good, not the same as on “5 sizes of 10 pieces” drills, some of which are drilled only on the reverse. Trailing edge matched.
The shank is hexagonal, on the shank there is a groove for fixing in the bit holder.
We drill.
A piece from the old TV. Drills without problems, if you need a through hole, then you can drill on the other side. Hole steps. Step step 5mm.

Viscous plastic PBT. It is expected to be drilled without problems, on the back of the hole, the plastic stretches.

If you go from the back side with a drill, then the hole turns into a hole.

Metal with a thickness of 1 mm in the same TV with a stamp of 86 years drills without problems.
On the reverse side, burrs also remain.

After one or two passes with this drill in a screwdriver or in a screwdriver - bit holder, the hole becomes normal.

In general, a good drill, I drill them mainly thin sheet metals, wood or plastic for crafts.
I recommend taking drills of this type with a flatside groove - they are easier to sharpen; spiral ones are difficult to sharpen. In spiral drills and in drills with a side groove, the tip is easily sharpened, as in a conventional drill. The advantage of such stepped "carrots" over conventional drills is that they do not hit carrots - the hole is round, not triangular-oval. It turns out a smooth edge.
The downside is that if the tip of the carrot is dull, then you need to either grind it or start with a thin drill.
For sizes up to 22mm (openings for automation indrawers) I recommend taking a 6-sided shank, for larger sizes it is better to take a round shank with three grooves, it is stronger. Hexagonal often break off when dropped, metal red-hot. Three grooves firmly hold the drill in a drill or shurik and it does not slip. I also use drill 5-35 for drilling boxes, but it has a tail of 13 - only in the drill chuck.