Super-mat holder of a navigator phone or how I broke off.

Good day.
I’ll try to talk about how I ordered a non-slip super-mat holder for the phone, apple-tree and navigator.
When I first saw photographs of this miracle,I immediately wanted to buy it. Fortunately, there were not many offers with this product on aliexpress. All of them were wholesale and also with a wild price for delivery. This offer did not appear immediately and greatly bribed. 15 bucks for 5 items and free shipping. Now on the product page free shipping is missing.

I often ride in the car and sometimes usephone like a navigator. The constantly hanging bracket on the suction cup got me. Behind it, the review is lost, it is not convenient to get and put the phone in it. An incoming call creates a bunch of problems and an explosion of negativity in all directions.
The mat seemed to me very versatile, evenperfect holder. And in a compartment with a “platform” on the visor of the dashboard, he would have allowed to place the navigator in the most optimal zone and without compromising the view. Using it you can forget about these terrible "suckers" attracting thieves. But this is all in theory. From it to reality is an abyss.
Here is a real view of the sent der ... carpet.

So, this item of “decor” “harmonizes” with the panel.

So "tightly" he "sticks" and looks at the workplace.

And so, it should have been.

What the seller did not deceive:
There are really five of them.
2 form is similar.
3 you can put your phone in and use it like a pocket.
1 color and traces of paint from the packaging
2 solid material, carpet glides around
3 appearance is similar, but this is not a product with a photo
When I asked the seller, how so? On October 31, he apologized a bunch of times and asked if he could send me a normal sample. I agreed. But the offer has changed, I have to order more, and he will add one piece to my new order with delivery of 45 US :). Until today (09.11) I have been waiting, but decided not to wait any longer. I ordered one thing in another place, if it comes but with the qualities declared on the site, then I will definitely unsubscribe here.