LED Strip Light. Disco floor or WS2812B-inspired diodes

I got carried away the other day adruin-koy indulge.
There are a lot of ideas on this topic in my head and on the Internet.
But a couple of authors inspired me, but this one is the most.
Beauty, simplicity and ease)))
Since the principle of operation is described in detail by the authors and I will be briefly repeatedly.
I purchased a meter-long segment of WS2812B diodes, but I regretted something and bought only 30 diodes per meter, and with this layout, snowflakes didn’t work out well. And the idea came up to repeat the snowflake in the form of a disco floor.
And so, what happened.
Plexiglas made of beads)))

The 3D printer helped here too.

Powered by an old telephone.

Well, the brain of the project)))

Well, the result with the program code is this

In my head, ideas developed with the creation of a disco floormeter per meter. Then the idea went on to create a facade of the house from such tapes. Well, in the end I realized that I need to figure out a translucent stretch ceiling with large cells of the type of thisbut with a disco-floor effect.
Here's another interesting question for those who know. Probably limited to 10 LEDs in width is not the limit? I think that it’s possible to get 30 or more fun)))