LED bulbs in T10 format in the dimensions of the car. (and a few others)

With all this, it’s kind of like a negative attitude of people towardsLED lamps in car lighting, the use of these same lamps is increasing and increasing. So I, too, am slowly converting my car to LED lighting (except for the head light. There I have OSRAM lamps that are prescribed by the manufacturer, and I'm not going to change them)

Today I want to talk about LED bulbs of the T10 format, which I use in the headlights of a car. In general, the lamps were not bad, you can safely buy. And the details below.
I bought lamps with other models. Back in the month of March. Screen order:

On the screen you can see lamps of the H1 format. But it so happened that when the lamps arrived, I sold the car, and in the end I just had nowhere to put these bulbs. And honestly, after the tests I don’t really want to. But T10 lamps are very useful.
True, again there is one but. The lamps were lying in my drawer all summer, I just forgot about them. Found recently. I decided to check and test before installation, but at the same time tell you. I'll start in order.
ILight T10 w5w
Price $ 2.95 for a couple of bulbs.
Come in a transparent blister:

Voltage: DC9V ~ 24V
Size: T10 168 194 W5W
Dimensions: Length: 2.5 cm Width: 1 cm
Bulb housing is completely plastic. Size and shape as typical T10 bulbs:

As a light source, one crystal is used:


Connected to the LBP. The lamp glow starts at 8.99V:

At 14V, the lamp shines very brightly:

As I said, I put the lamp in the dimensions of my VW Sharan MK1:

Despite the fact that this light is usedsolely to indicate a car in space at night, the light is quite bright. Especially compared to conventional T10 incandescent bulbs. I like:

As a result, I will say that I am satisfied with the bulbs. I use the lamps for about a month, while they are shining properly. I think, just in case, order another kit. Well, for comparison, the price tag for such Led lamps in our car dealerships starts from 600 tenge for 1 piece, which at the current exchange rate is about $ 1.65. Therefore, we can say that the lamp is even cheaper.
Well, now a little about the rest of the lamp.
Corn T10 iLight 1PC W5W
Price $ 0.98 per piece
Voltage: DC9V ~ 24V
Size: T10 168 194 W5W
Color temperature 6000k
Power 3W
It is delivered in ordinary bags:

They are an ordinary printed circuit board, hung from two sides of the SMD and half-filled with gel:


I also connect to the LBP.
The glow starts at almost 10V

Glow and consumption at 14V:

Lamp after work about 5 minutes:

It shines brightly enough:

But what I did not like was the heat. the lamp is noticeably hot. The previous similar heating did not show.
Since there is only one lamp, I threw it in the glove compartmentas a spare. Not used yet. But I think to put the numbers in the backlight. I probably will not recommend this lamp because of heating, I think that this will significantly reduce the life of this lamp. But you think for yourself.
And I will talk about the third, last lamp.
iLight H1 LED Car lamp
Price $ 16.85 per set
Voltage: DC9V ~ 24V
Size: H1
Color temperature 6000k 3800L
Power 36W
Comes to the buyer in a crumpled box:

Inside are two lamps:

The lamps have a metal casing, radiators and fans:

The dimensions are slightly larger than ordinary H1 lamps, so theynot every headlight can fit. As an option, buy rubber plugs, or some, just put plastic bottles with a trimmed bottom on the headlights from the inside.
Each lamp has two crystals on an aluminum radiator:

The wire is quite thick but soft. Has an additional braid isolation:

In general, the lamps look good. High quality assembled. But you need to check.
I connect to the LBP:
The glow starts already at 7V. The fan immediately triggers:

But at 14V the lamps shine already very brightly. I connected both lamps at once:

Literally after 3 minutes of lamp operation, I noticed a very strong heating of the lamp housing and wires. I don’t know what temperature the lamps have, but they burned my silicone soldering mat:

I don’t even know how they would behave inside a closed headlamp. Likely to burn nafig all the insides and plastic. Therefore, it is good that I did not put them in the car. And now they don’t suit me.
LED lamps work well aslights inside and outside the car. But it seems to me that buying headlights on LED LEDs is not worth it. Not only are they not quite the temperature you need, they are bright and dazzle oncoming traffic, they are also very hot. And I think they’ll burn out quite quickly.
You ask, why then did I buy them? And in order to give a type of bonus when selling a car. We have the mentality of some buyers such that these little things and nishtyaki help sell cars. Even if it's frank trash and a barn on wheels. True, given that my car was in excellent condition, it was already sold, but the lamps were lying there, waiting in the wings for review. After a review, by the way, the H1 lamps were put back into the box, because I do not plan to use them anywhere else.
On this actually my whole confused review. Good luck to everyone on the road.