The same Bulgarian with Ali: a review of the budget angle grinder

This is the same angle grinder with Ali, the most budget-friendly in its class.
A kit with a battery and charger will cost about $ 60.
The battery-powered “grinder” will help out when working without access to the network, when you need to quickly dismantle something: it is mobile and compact.
It will also be convenient when working at heights and in inaccessible places due to the lack of wires.

A cordless (wireless) grinder, aka angle grinder, is a very useful tool for working without being tied to a 220V network.
Sometimes you need to dismantle, cut something, andthere is no outlet nearby. Well, it happens. The lock on the garage (when I lost the keys), the bicycle lock (I sometimes forget the code
Just having a cordless tool on the farm is convenient.
In the review I will talk about cordless angle grinder, which he took on the stock (11.11 with pre-order).

Wosai is a simple inexpensive tool, for money it comes out like wired offline.

Brand Name: Wosai
Type: rechargeable angle grinder
Model: WS-J3

After pre-order, I paid the second part of the cost, the seller processed the order for a while, then sent it.
Delivery took about three weeks, a bulk mail package arrived, pretty well inside: inflated bags that protect better than a cardboard box.

Inside is a J3 grinder in a red case (this is not Milwaukee)
I had a pen, a casing, a key in the kit.

The seller put the cutting disc as a gift.
In the photo, the kit corresponds to KIT 1 of the current lot - I already had a battery + szu kit from previous stocks.

Caution, do not lose the key. It is under the "Chinese" size, narrow.

In a minimum grinder electronics, temperature control is provided only in the battery itself.
In the sole there are only power contacts "+" / "-".

The battery clings to the runners, snaps. To remove back, you need to press the button

There is a nameplate on the handle with the model name and characteristics.

Turning on and off is done by a toggle switch. Unusual, but practical. You have to turn it on with your second hand, the first you hold the tool at the “waist”.

The tool is lightweight, compact, convenient to operate.
Weight is only 1 kg (without battery)

The gearbox is massive, in metal.

But the thread on the shaft is less than usual. Diameter 10 mm.

The gearbox has a groove under the casing.

Shaft Lock Button.

On the gear case there is a marking of the direction of rotation.
Pay attention to the ventilation holes.

The casing can simply be installed once, fixed with a screw with an M8 nut. The position of the casing can be chosen as convenient

A few words about the battery.

The wise “trick” of the Chinese is the lack of a charging stand - the cable connects directly to the battery. Inside the battery there is a charging board, plus protection boards.

Such a solution greatly reduces the size and cost.

When buying Chinese mechanically loaded devices, it makes sense to conduct an audit.
I disassembled the gearbox to check for lubrication inside.
It is sometimes said that cheap tools come "dry."
There is grease in Wosai, it is clear that the tool has not yet been worked

A needle bearing is mounted on the gearbox shaft.

Assembled angle grinder looks like branded models(the same Makita), budgeting is felt as a plastic case. I note the absence of a “pad lock” - it is turned on by a toggle switch, and the lack of speed control (it would be relevant).

On the battery "stands", as on a stand.

There are no complaints about the work.
Checked in the cold -15 degrees, the batteries are pulled.
It is very convenient to cut small things: corners, rods, arms of the castle, etc.

Coping with a bar))))

I note that there is no indication of a discharge, just when the charge is running out, the battery protection starts to work.
Therefore, it is better to take a kit with a pair of batteries (in stock).
A few words about disk compatibility.
Discs for Chinese grinders are small.
The diameter of the seat is 16 mm, the outer diameter is not more than 125 mm (otherwise it will rest against the casing).
You can put without a casing on 115 / 22mm b) need ring spacers to center the disk.

Rings are for sale, you can buy. You can ask the turner to grind.

I bought. In the photo 20/16 - too small, you need either another 22/20, or instead of 22/16. keep in mind. that you need to put the rings on the thickness of the disk.

Can buy 100 / 16mm wheels, packThey are not very expensive.
About the battery angle grinder.
Prior to this, I mumbled with a wired + generator / inverter.
Not very convenient, since the gas unit is heavy, and the inverter requires a car nearby. And at the start there is a sickly voltage drop. Somehow the battery turned out to be more convenient.
So here.
The 4.0Ah battery lasts for 15 minutes (depending on intensity, 15 minutes or more). In frost - less. The 2.6Ah battery works even less. This is the question of choosing a kit.
For the purposes of dismantling something and working further, it’s ideal. No wires. If you work seriously, it makes sense to take a set of batteries with a charger and compatible carcasses for it.
Took this link, but only bought a "carcass" without battery.

Now available kits (Kit 1 ... 4) with 2.6Ah or 4.0Ah batteries

Additional Information - Proofs