The most honest review of TCL ONO.
A very solid device, which has a bunch of pluses, but if you take each of them, then in each the Chinese were able to fix. Details under the cut.
The device was bought by me, for my money, and therefore does not bear any bias.


  • Specifications
  • Options and appearance
  • Screen
  • Performance and technical component
  • Operating system and uptime
  • Camera
  • findings


  • colors: white, black, yellow, blue
  • screen: 5 "HD 1280х720
  • processor: MT6735 (4 * 1.5), 64 bit
  • Graphic part: Mali-T720
  • 5 MP and 13 MP cameras with LED flash (PDAF phase autofocus) f / 2.0 aperture
  • RAM: 2GB
  • ROM: 16GB microSD support
  • support for two SIM cards with 4G LTE (RUSSIA ONLY 2G!)
  • OS Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • (Only Chinese and English)

  • battery: 2650 mAh
  • wireless modules: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS
  • optional: MaxxAudio audio settings
  • dimensions 141.0 x 70.8 x 8.8 mm
  • weight 121 g


  • Smartphone
  • Charger (American plug + Euro adapter)
  • PC cable (also part of the charger)
  • Instruction + Warranty Card

The device is included in the budget category of devices, but what clamped down to put even the most bullshit headset is strange.
Well, the box appearance hints at whom they borrowed the idea.

Appearance Everything is done very well.
Externally, the device looks good, everything is in frontstandardly, at the top of the speaker, the front camera, sensors and a small white notification indicator, it is very neat and looks nice, only 1 color is a pity.

At the bottom there are 3 touch keys (Back-Home-Menu), I really like the reverse sequence, because I think it is more convenient, but it's a matter of taste.
They do not have a backlight and are made in silvercolor. As a result, on a white device they merge with it, if the Home button is always visible, then with the Menu \ Back keys the full PPC is either not visible, or almost not visible.
Well, at least you can turn on vibration when you press the keys, but it is initially turned off.

Physical buttons are scattered on 2 sides.
Right power button
Left volume rocker
All keys are easy to press, emit a slight dull click. Nice done. (For example, unlike the same Doogee valencia 2, which has no clicks)
Above are 2 entrances. Mirco-Usb and 3.5mm.
There are no inputs below, only 1 small hole in the main microphone.

The back cover was a success.
If you look at the advertising pictures, thenit seems that the device has a glossy cover. In fact, this is not so; they have a relief surface. A sort of lattice. In reality, it looks pretty pretty, I really liked it.
At the top there is a second microphone, under it a littleprotruding Camera, a flash of 1 LED, silver TCL inscription, and all this completes the bottom grille for the speaker. The volume is even nothing, no wheezing was noticed.
The lid sits tight, HOWEVER, in the area of ​​the camera, if you squeeze slightly, you can hear creaks, just above the camera there is a slight backlash.

Everything seems to be fine. BUT! And here is a jamb.
In the lower left corner, there is a cutout to take offthe back cover and here you need to be very careful, because to break a nail, there is nothing worth it. Perhaps later it diverges and will be normal, but after some attempts I regretted my nails and began to open it with something, a SIM card / credit card, etc.

Screen The screen is good. Not the best IPS, but not the worst, just good. The picture is juicy, viewing angles are large, while it starts to turn yellow / violet only at very large angles.
Perhaps this is the only thing that this phone did well.

Performance and Technical Component Built on MTK6735
And these are four 64 bit cores and graphics Mali T720
A knowledgeable person will also say that these are extended network frequencies, but HERE is there, and not an extension in this unit. 2G! All! Forget the rest, if you are not a resident of China.
In terms of performance, this is a stripped down version of MTK6732, BUT! as promised, more energy efficient.
In the main functions, everything works well, there are no lags, slowdowns.
But with toys it’s not so good, if6732, with its t760 can pull almost the most productive games, then everything is sadder in this regard. Casuals fly with a bang, but very demanding games are either at a minimum or at medium.

The device is equipped with 2 gigs of RAM, after starting the device you have at your disposal about 1.3 - 1.4 gigs still free, so there were no problems in this regard.
The main memory is 16 gigabytes (~ 11-12 available to the user), also a micro SD slot, everything is standard, nothing particularly good or bad.
Screens Antutu

Operating system and operating time The device runs on Android 5.0
From the firmware all languages ​​exceptionally Chinese and English are faithfully made.
* Although the forum, some write that there is Russian in their firmware, with which about 70% is translated. Apparently some kind of custom. Check with sellers is always better.
Also, they were not too lazy to cut out all Google services. Play Market will not work. But you can put for example Yandex.Market.
Morelocale, Russifies about 5-10% of the firmware, which is extremely sad.
There are almost no firmware. All that can be found now on the Internet, these are originals + root. Put Ruth through 1 place, because You will need to first find the drivers for the device, and then do everything through the firmware recovery.
Perhaps in the future they will make firmware better than now and most likely the problem with the language will be solved.
There is an update by air, for some reason I swung it incredibly slowly.
A few screenshots

Battery, promise: 2650 mAh
In general, the battery holds well, given that 3G and 4G will not work in this phone, which means it will live even longer.
He did not show fantastic results, with an average load I had about 1.5 days approximately.
But then again, longevity depends on the load.

Screen, but alas, uninformative, because the last couple of days lying around

Camera The equipment includes a main 13-megapixel camera with flash and a front camera with a 5-megapixel matrix.
And here everything is somehow not very.
It’s worth starting with the camera settings.
9 megapixels - for the main camera and 4 megapixels for the front camera with a 16: 9 ratio
13 and 5 megapixels, with an aspect ratio of 4: 3

The video is even stranger, the options are only: Low \ Medium \ High \ Fine
When choosing the latter, it writes in resolution: 1920 × 1088
recording format: * .3gp
Actually about the quality ...
Here everything is relative.
In sunny weather, makes good photos, the less light, the sadder.
If you do not take into account the price tag of the device, then the camera lathers and removes badly.
Taking it into account, it’s all the same soapy, but the quality will be better than the Elephone p6000, for example, although quite a bit + if they upgrade the firmware, then I think it will be nice.
In other words, they paid as much as they paid.
The video quality is exactly the same.
Examples of 4pcs, you can download here: Yandex.Disk
They didn’t upload to the site, for some reason it issued: “The file cannot be processed, check the file type and size”
Frontalka ... yes the usual frontalka, as elsewhere.
MaxxAudioooooooooooooooooooooo The external speaker plays well, loudly, cleanly.
I listened in headphones (5 pairs, costing from 10 to $ 50), the usual sound, maybe you need something more powerful, but alas, I don’t.
We assume that there is a good sound.
Conclusions And so we got to the most important, conclusions.
And according to the conclusions, we have that the device in thisthe price category has a huge bunch of competitors, while it can not boast of something outstanding, neither in technical terms, nor in software, nor in the designer's.
+ Good processor
+ Nice and pleasant to the touch back cover
+ Good display
+ 2 gig of RAM
+ Cool notification indicator
- No 3G and 4G!
- There is no Russian language in the firmware (Although this is how you are lucky, and this is temporary)
- There is no Play. The market and it does not install
- Medium cameras
- A bunch of Chinese software (fortunately, most can be removed)
... and a bunch of little things
Pass by this unit, there are more interesting options for the money.