Telescopic Pick Up Tool: Magnetic Lifesaver

A small review-comparison of telescopic "hand-picks" - a convenient tool for searching and "catching" metal objects.
Pick Up Tool - bought at different times, I will compare them in quality, cost, length and convenience.
If you are looking for something like that, then you are here))))

So, we will talk about several options for the Magnetic Pick Up Tool - a special tool for "picking up" fallen objects.
Typically, similar magic wandstelescopic and with a magnet at the end - for gripping metal objects - dropped screws, bolts, nuts, wrenches, etc. By design, other options are possible, these are basic and cheap.
Dimensions are more than compact - in the form of a small "pen".
Lot One - Magnetic Pick Up Rod Stick Extending Magnet Portable Telescopic Easy Rod Handheld Tool Black
I bought for a long time, my link is already "rotten".
Here are the options

A simple telescopic “pick-up” of a small size. The price is symbolic, the length when folded is 12 cm, if unfolded - up to 65 cm. At the end - a relatively large rare-earth magnet.


Lot two - one of the cheapest, a simple chrome pick-up, thin, short. Lengths 12 ... .65 cm.
Magnetic Pick Up Rod Stick Extending Magnet Portable Telescopic Easy Rod Handheld Tool Silver


There is also a third lot - very similar to the previous one, with slight differences. Lengths 12 ... .65 cm.
This is the cheapest item presented.Short fine hand-picked, black.


The most expensive item presented is a hand-picked item with a rubberized handle and a flashlight.
Brand 1pc Telescopic Adjustable Magnetic Pick-Up Tools With LED Light Magnet Long Extendable Long Reach 70cm.
Length from 19 to 70 cm. Large magnet 15 mm with a hole (strong). 3 x AG13 batteries are used for illumination


Now a little more detail about these lots.

The very first hand pick

Length 61 cm

The magnet is large, the diameter is 7 mm.

There is a clip

The size is compact, you can put in your pocket overalls, jeans, etc.

A pair of inexpensive (second and third lots).

Manufacturers are somewhat cunning about the length - black 65 cm, but silver 64 cm.
The rest of the differences are at least

Top part

Silver - the thinnest, easy to deform.

Both handpicks have a clip, which, by the way, resembles Parker Vector pens

The sizes are small - like a thin pen 12 cm

The last lot, in my opinion, is one of the most interesting. This is a Chinese copy of the “branded” subselects.

In the hand it looks like a decent tool

Length declared 70 cm

Although realistically 69 cm

At the end there is a flashlight

It does not shine very brightly, just designate a small area when searching

Inside, there is a rather complicated design for “pick-ups”, with a ring magnet in the center of which an LED flashlight shines. Turned on by turning the "head".

Load test
Thin pick-ups with a small magnet can lift a symbolic weight - fallen fasteners, keys.

But the hand-picker, with a larger magnet - is already more interesting

You can pick up a tool

Small pick-ups can pull out something heavy, at the limit of their lifting weight, but the hold will not be strong, and you can lose everything back.

Extreme test

The largest “pick-up” can pick up both open-end wrenches and another tool (small pliers, wire cutters, etc.) - it pulls a trifle confidently.

In principle, a pick-up with a large magnet shows a similar result.

But small ones are no longer confident.

I’ll note another interesting option - flexible (not telescopic) pick-upwhich may be convenient in some cases. Length 55 cm, does not fold, but folds. You can choose "around the corner."

A brief conclusion.
If compactness is of interest, take the very first one with a large magnet. She can really pick up a decent weight.
At the same cost with small analogues, it is noticeably stronger. At the same time - compact, with a clip, convenient to carry.
If you need a more serious tool, then onewhich is more expensive with a flashlight. The flashlight (LED) is symbolic, but the magnet itself is really large, strong, the handle is comfortable. The biggest plus in the thickness of the telescopic part is the most reliable option. Suitable for storage in a bag / box with another tool.
In general, all the options presented are convenient,to pick up a fallen screw or washer during repair. Such a one-dollar thing can help out in a difficult moment, especially when there is nothing to replace a lost thing.
In such a form factor (telescopic, flexible) there are still mirrors - a highly specialized tool, to “peep” something in a hard-to-reach place (for example, VIN or engine number).
Test for separation, the value of real massI didn’t carry the load, since the pick-ups bought in different stores are different (magnets of different quality can stand). Relatively - everything is simple, the larger the magnet, the better.
The rest is from ergonomics, someone is more comfortable with thin, someone is thick, someone is flexible.
If you wish, you can make this yourself from an old telescopic antenna and magnet. Priceless for free.
P.s. There are proofs, all for their own at different times. The tool is interesting, useful, especially when at hand at the right time.
If you have more interesting options - write, interesting.