Hard cover for e-books PocketBook 614/624/626/640 + protective film + stylus

A small overview of the kit, consisting of a cover, a film on the screen and a stylus on the example of the PocketBook 640 e-book.
“PocketBook company presents”
Although I already bought a cover for my reader (orreader, as anyone please), but I wanted to change the appearance of this device, otherwise I recently abandoned my Pocketbook and rarely read books with it. But is it possible that at least a change of image will help revive interest in reading again?
But seriously, I was glad to know that inThere are still covers left for sale for Pocketbook Aqua, and there’s even a small one, but a choice. On the product page there are 16 types of covers, not to say that for every taste, but I definitely liked one of the options. This is a cover of blue-violet color with the inscription “VINTAGE”, model PB624 SY OSHT, which was honored to become the hero of my review.
- packed cover and film on the screen.

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I will compare the product with the cover of VivacaseGreenLine Black (VPB-FP622Bl), which I purchased in 2015 in one Russian online store, and which now (May 6, 2017) costs 700 rubles, approximately like PB624, if ordered from China. Upon delivery from Russia it turns out more expensive, and not all models are available.
- right Vivacase.
Additional photos of Vivacase

PB624 SY OSHT looks more interesting than Vivacase fordue to the presence of plastic inserts and a magnetic lock. PB624 is more compact and fits the e-book perfectly. You can find cons in this, as it creates the feeling that the book is becoming less protected than in the case from Vivacase, and the top and bottom of the reader are theoretically easier to damage.

Removing a book from the cover of PB624 is noticeably harderthan from Vivacase. Problems arise when removing a book from the bottom left mount, in the place where the Pocketbook 640 is too tight. Maybe this is good in terms of security - the book is hardly capable of flying out of the mounts without the intervention of anyone, but too often I would not recommend pulling a Pocketbook out of a case.

The weight of PB624 is 96 grams.
Vivacase weighs 116 grams with large thickness, length and height.
The metal insert that is attached to the magnet is covered with a protective film and I'm not going to remove it yet, despite the scratches present.

The magnet itself, after the second or third interaction with the metal, flew out of the body and I had to glue it back. It seems a trifle, but unpleasant.

The inside of the cover has a certain unpleasant odor, but if you only sniff it strongly, bring PB624 to your nose. I hope that over time the smell will disappear.

Additional photos of the inside

The cover material is PU leather made of polyurethane. I noticed that when the fingers sweat, the back of the cover starts to slip a little in the hand.

The rest of the use of the cover I have only positive emotions, and I do not want to return to the old Vivacase, despite the fact that it is still in excellent condition.
All seams of the cover are made neatly, but there is one unevenness in the upper right corner.

With a strong press on the plastic insert, no creak or other unpleasant sounds are heard.
The color of the cover initially seems purple, but when you wipe the material with your finger, it seems to turn blue.
The backlight in the cover is quite comfortable to use.

When ordering, I was only interested in the cover, and Icould do without additional items that are indicated on the product page as gifts. But since they were present in the package, I will write a few sentences about them.
The protective film is almost perfectscreen, leaving only small empty areas around the edges. The disadvantage of the film is that after sticking noticeable glare appeared on the screen and now I have to keep the backlight at a certain level, whereas before I could do everything in every possible way to adjust its position, without fear of glare. But now it’s more pleasant to press the screen, the fingers began to slide better when turning over and it seems that the responsiveness of the display has improved.
Film photos

I failed to stick the film perfectly because ofI didn’t clean the screen well with a microfiber cloth, which was also included. As a result, bubbles formed that do not want to leave their rightful place, although this does not matter. When reading, largely due to the white background, the consequences of unsuccessful sticking can be noticed only if you look closely, but in any case, these small bubbles do not bother me at all. You can also put a screensaver with a light background, then in general everything will look great.
Photo with film:

The stylus turned out to be completely useless - the screen reacts with difficulty to touch them.
Stylus pictures

Despite some shortcomings, the case came out compact and pretty, and generally successful, and I plan to use it in the future.
Additional cover photos