This phone managed to warm up the hype around itselfa few months before the start of sales. The Chinese from UMI tried very hard to advertise ZERO as best as possible, so they did not skimp on sending test samples to almost anyone. I’ll talk about the device after more than 2 months of its active use and compare it with the two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S4, which was just at hand.

Even before the official presentation of the device, many who were interested already knew about its FHD SuperAMOLED screen, fast charging, slim body, camera from Sony, as well as SUPERBODY from GorillaGlass 3 and aluminum.
I will tell about all this and also about some undocumented, but rather interesting solutions in my opinion.
Appearance and materials of the case.
I took a photo from the Internet, but in reality out of the box the phone looks exactly like that.

After 2 months, beauty turns into this.

Scratches of various degrees of depth appeared on the front glass; the plastic Z-case also turned into a scratch collector. Every day more and more I want to remove it. Plus, it’s a little loose.
Unlike SGS4, which has been worn for 2 years without films, the gorilla glass on UMI has been scratched. The mystery, however.
Aluminum edging. On its left side are aluminum volume and off buttons, which play a little bit. Above is a microphone and charging jack, and below is a microphone. The second microphone is located on the back side near the camera and is covered with a cover. Weirdness. The camera and flash do not bulge. Front bottom - touch buttons with backlight, top - front camera, microphone, proximity sensors and lighting. There is no event indicator.
The cover is generally quite strange, not only from the pointdesign view. It covers half of the UMI logo on the back cover, the second microphone is made of plastic and is maximum able to protect the phone from a single drop. Because it will be for him the only and last, most likely. And he also collects scratches well.
It causes a wow effect.
Some comparisons with SGS4, which has an identical screen in all respects.

SGS4 is slightly smaller, but slightly thicker. That's all.
Software and hardware stuffing.
The phone is based on MTK6592T, which is already outdated, but still gives good results for the average user.
In a compartment with it are 2GB of RAM and 16GBbuilt-in memory that suck energy from a battery with a capacity of about 2500 mAh. They say that the test samples are equipped with weaker batteries, but according to my feelings, there really are about 2500 mAh in my phone.
The bluetooth touched MiBand, respectively, the version of the blue tooth is 4.0 here.
There is a basic android without external modifications with a root out of the box. The upper bar is customized by me on my own.
There is the latest firmware, which is also installed on serial models (v3.01).
Indicators of Antuta.

Battery in the mode of calls and social services. network.

An interesting discovery for me was the decision to save energy, which has 2 modes.
The first mode - the screen becomes black and white, the processor power decreases. It was not possible to take a screenshot, because it turns out in color.
The second mode was able to be screened. This is the mode in which the phone becomes a simple dialer, all other functions are turned off, the screen looks like this:

But when you go to SMS or the dialer, the screen again becomes color.
I did not check, unfortunately, how much this is allIt really helps to increase battery life, but the very availability of these features gives us hope. By the way, they are located in the basic settings of the phone, and they won’t be able to quickly get to them.
All gipieses, communication, sound in the headphones and other pleasures of life that they love to talk about here, work in normal mode. Everything is caught and sounds, neither good nor bad. It just works.
Of the minuses, I noticed that the phone itself somehow doesscreenshots, even though I don’t press the power button and the volume down. Perhaps there is some mysterious combination that I don’t know about, but in a couple of days it happened to find about 60 screenshots in the gallery.
Also, sometimes the phone itself reboots. The reason or scenario for this action could not be identified.
I would also like to say about fast charging.
Declared module from Texas Instruments, whichwill charge the phone up to 40% in 15 minutes. In fact, this seems to be true. But a Chinese phone would not be Chinese without jambs, right? The jamb in this case is that during charging, both the phone and the charger are heated to unimaginable temperatures. On the charger, you can actually get burned, and the phone is hot in your hands. If, during charging, you also start a game of moderate severity, the phone indicates that the battery has overheated and it would be nice to turn off the phone far from sin. So you have to live.
Declared 13MP module from Sony in the back and 8MP module in front. In the camera settings on the rear module, you can choose as much as 20MP! The size is really that, but you can rate the quality of the photo below.
Incandescent lighting.


In complete darkness with a flash.


Photo from SGS4 for comparison

As you can see, the camera is average. I can only assure you that it was even worse in firmware version 2.01.
The most gigantic advantage of this phonein front of the rest. In Umi Zero, the SuperAMOLED matrix is ​​exactly the same as in the Samsung Galaxy S4 without cheating. The only difference: in ZERO there is no setting of display modes, as in the Samsung. See for yourself.
On S4 (sparava) there is a dynamic mode with automatic tuning. ZERO - left

The phone turned out to be ambiguous, but interestingnew. I would recommend it to those who appreciate the design and attractive appearance above the filling, because the cover 100% does its job as attracting people's eyes.
Otherwise, the phone has a lot of unpleasant software problems that can be solved by the release of polished firmware. Let's hope that UMI will not leave ZERO to its mercy in this regard.
- Appearance, equipment.
- Aluminum and glass.
- SuperAMOLED.
- Battery life is above average.
- Powerful (?) Power saving mode.
- Price.
- Built-in charging and phone barbecue.
- Flaws in the firmware.
- Plastic case.
- Glass! perhaps! not Gorilla Glass 3.
The shutter kicks off a campaign where you can buy a phone for only $ 199.99. Here's the link:
The phone was provided free of charge directly by the manufacturer.