Universal head unit for cars in an interesting form factor

Hello! Not so long ago, I already wrote two reviews on different GUs - cheap universal and expensive for my Huyndai Creta. Now we will talk about another interesting option. A huge screen, powerful stuffing, an interesting form factor ... and a bunch of installation problems.
I bought for a friend in Sorento the first generation, for further reinstallation in Pajero, when I buy it.

When I bought (in June) the price was lower - about 20,000, now thanks to the rate, already 23,000.
Delivery was long, 2.5 months. As the seller said there was no framework for this car, they searched for a long time. Honestly, I wanted to spit and leave the universal, but as it turned out later in vain - the "universal" would not fit.
The technical specifications are fully consistent with the one I am using now and for which there was a review.
After half a year I can say that a bunchPX5 and 4Gb RAM justifies itself, everything works very quickly, there are no hints of brakes. If you plan to use the full program and enjoy it, then it is better not to save.
The main difference is the preinstalled Android 8. This is of course a plus, for example, multi-windowing can be used. On the other hand, in order to install custom firmware with w3bsit3-dns.com (and where do we go without it) you will have to tinker much more than with 6. If there you had to drop the file onto the card and reboot, then there’s a whole quest with 2 flash drives and a poke with a needle by the reset button (it’s the only physical one here and is responsible for everything - turning on, switching and selecting menu items), and it’s located in ... And now about where it is, and most importantly about the form factor that me (and the most most importantly its owner) hooked.
W3bsit3-dns.com topic about firmware with instructions. Firmware naturally from SW. Malaysk
This is a huge 10-inch screen that hangson the hinge. The screen itself has a resolution of 1024 by 600 that is not high by modern standards, but it’s suitable for this class of equipment - everything is perfectly visible from the driver’s seat, pixels are not striking. The screen certainly glares, although it is matte, but here the solution is either tinted or an anti-glare film on the screen itself.

When choosing, my friend was afraid that the screen would block the buttons located below the seat - no, it didn’t block anything. Naturally, if there are no buttons on top)

Rear panel with connectors. GPS, USB, microphone, ISO, multimedia. All wires included. There is no separate entrance under the front camera, but the seller sent the adapter switch as an apology for the delay in sending, so when I arrive and put it, I will write a post about it.

Direct pinout and wires. Universal cables, similar to mine. But it is better to buy an ISO connector for your car, since they are not expensive, as a rule, less than 500 rubles. The microphone was not connected - a regular one was picked up from the steering wheel.

Frame under the first generation Sorento with mounts. Simplified installation. We tried it first without it - standard mounts and a universal frame did not fit. But not without cons - plastic mounts, and the screws are short. I hope the fastenings take place a couple of months before replacing the car, but the screws had to be replaced with longer ones.

There are no connectors on the “face”, but under it is a DVD drive (2018, ay!) And two microSD connectors, which, unlike most GUs, are both working.

And now about the installation.
There were no problems with the connection - they all connected with one cable.
But the installation is another song)

Initially, they tried standard mounts, but they did not fit.

The fact is that this screen is naturally strongmore holes in the native panel, so it must be removed. To do this, you need to pry the mounts, pull them out, remove the screen, pull out the cable and then everything will rise. By trial and error, it turned out in about an hour.

Adjusting the screen tilt is provided by screws on the sides.
The first photo after trying. It started immediately)

After setup and firmware, everything became good, but it was already dark.

I won’t describe all the functionality, but I’ll highlight the features (which is what a person has been using for a month already):
- Multi-window mode in combination with FCC Car Launcher
- White lists of applications, autorun applications and other joys of Xposed modules
- Change the volume depending on the speed of movement.
The rest, as I said, is similar to my GU - they have one platform.
I really liked how it looks live, installed in a car. I honestly recommend the owners of large SUVs, with a universal seat on top of the dashboard.
- Modern iron, although not breaking records in benchmarks, but allowing you to enjoy the necessary functions of a car with pleasure. Plus will last longer.
- It looks great in my opinion, fits into the interior
- It does not turn off completely, falls asleep, consuming a minimum of energy
- Easy to configure, there is a Russian firmware with support for OTA updates
- Works with regular buttons and auto signals
- 4 Giga RAM on the GU, I consider it a necessity
- The sound is much better than on the head unit (all the same TDA7850)
- It is difficult to install without instructions (it is not intuitive how to unfasten the screen, but there is no instruction)
- Price
Funtik studied approves