Universal holders for engravers, "dremel" small and large. A set of 5 pieces.

I had several reviews on carsengravers "dozed", small at 180W and large at 400W. Readers often asked which disc holders are best for use. I propose one very good option, tested personally, in addition, being a universal solution, because Suitable for both small and large cars.

If you are interested in reading about engraving machines themselves, here are my reviews: small, small and small.
A bit about the subject of the review.
Usually, with small dremels, here comes the plan of the tool holder used with small thin disks:

To them in a set, in sets, they put here such disks that it is better to throw out right away, because there is no sense from them, the slightest distortion and the disk breaks:

There are still slightly stronger and larger ones, and also reinforced (the overview on them is small):

From experience, brown pressed discs are goodonly for cutting viscous metals, such as copper or brass, for the rest it is better to use reinforced (well, or with diamond spraying, if we cut ceramics).
The problem with these thin holders is that whenhigh revolutions and load, they either bend (less often), or they simply tear off the roof the head of the fixing screw (more often), respectively, the holder goes into the scrap.
With a large 400W dremel in the kit was a reinforced holder:

This is what we need - it’s not afraid of distortions andholds discs perfectly (the total mounting hole must be increased, since the fixing screw is much thicker than on a thin one). However, these complete reinforced holders could not be used with small cars, as the inner diameter of even the largest collet that can be installed in the engraver was less than the diameter of the shank of this holder.
Accordingly, I began to look for a universal solution. As a result, I found, ordered and quite satisfied with the goods.
I ordered immediately a set of 5 pieces, given the ridiculous price:

Main element, two washers, screw:


Weight 9 grams:

A small digression about the wheels.
For such holders, especially for powerful400W engraver, I prefer to make disks myself. Of ordinary detachable discs from a grinder with a diameter of 125mm and a thickness of 1mm. I make disks with a diameter of ~ 50 mm, taking as a template that I’ll get a suitable diameter under my arm, it can be a metal disk from a set, or just a reel from a mounting wire :), we simply circle with a pencil:

4 small discs come out of one large disk:

You can cut, for example, with scissors for metal, or simply with large scissors:

We mark the central hole (“by eye”), andwe drill, and it’s better to make it not with a drill, but with a simple cross-shaped bat, it’s faster. It turns out a complete handicraft

It’s not worth achieving special beauty here, the main thingso that the disk is not quite square, and the hole offset by a couple of mm from the real center does not play a special role, at the beginning of work, the disk is almost instantly self-leveling, it is enough for them to touch the metal being processed without effort.
Purchased discs have a smaller bore, you can also expand it with an improvised tool, for example, with a tightening key from a small dremel:

Back to the holders. I draw your attention to the fact that the thin shank of the holder should be fully, fully inserted, inserted into the cartridge of the dremel. Sightseeing is also ideal for a large engraver ...

... and for a small one, a large-sized complete collet, albeit a bit tight, is put on the holder:

Also perfect for the original Dremel 300:

Checked with flexible shafts. For a large engraver, the holder fits perfectly:

But from the “hose” for the small machine it protrudes by about 5 mm, it abuts against the bottom of the latch. The solution is to cut these 5mm from the shank:

With the plastic cutting discs that I bought separately for the holders, they are also absolutely compatible (although there is one holder in the kit):

In the work, I tested everything naturally. Do not forget the safety precautions:

Moreover, I did not put homemade 50mm discs on a small dremel, but only on a large one, because, IMHO, they give a greater load on the tool than reinforced purchased ones of a smaller diameter.
Cut a 2mm metal corner:

Little slow:

Big fast

The self-tapping screw "five" a small dremel:

Rebar 10mm:

Long little:

Fast big:

I also cut a profile with a thickness of 8.5 mm large:

And plastic, purchased disk:

Bottom line: Holders behave perfectly, hold discs,not untwisted, quite smooth, no special vibration was noticed. I also liked that the screw caps are flat and rounded, sometimes this is important, because sometimes a thick hat rests on the processing site and interferes. The metal is normal. It is important that the thin part of the shank is inserted into the cartridge. Everything written by the author, his personal opinion, to use this option or not with engravers - everyone decides for himself.
180W typewriter operation:
Work as an engraver 400W:
Plastic cutting: