USB sockets for repairing cables and other purposes -10 pieces in a set for $ 1.3 and an additional set of MicroUSB sockets from another seller

Mini review of collapsible USB connectors as wellMicroUSB for self soldering or cable repair. I ordered from two different sellers, the price for a set of 10 pieces is around $ 1. I think such parts will be useful to anyone who is at least a little friendly with a soldering iron and has straight arms and a desire to repair something at home.
USB connector kit arrived standarda Chinese envelope (as it is called - a small bag), there is no photo of the package, inside there is a small plastic bag with a zip fastener directly with connectors, after unpacking and counting it turned out that there is one extra half of the case (upper or lower decide for yourself):

the metal part of the connector is closer:

and inserted into the half of the plastic case (most likely, let it be the bottom one):

and closed by the second half of the body (well, probably, the upper one):

photo from the back and front:

The lid fixing is pretty good, but I recommendglue the ends before connecting the halves a little with any glue for plastic. The platform for soldering wires is wide, and it is convenient to carry out with a soldering iron with an ordinary sting. The findings are already tin-plated, which is good.

An example of repairing a tablet’s charging cable (the native connector has broken somewhere after a month of operation at the place where the cable is connected to USB):

That's all about these connectors. Although here is a USB pinout for reference, it might be useful for someone to repair:

And now I’ll tell you about a set of MicroUSB connectors. I ordered here‘>
Packaging is the same as in the top review. The number of parts in the package coincides with the declared:

One plastic lid could not stand allmail forwarding tests, fasteners broken off. I didn’t open a dispute, because for such a price and with such a quantity I think it’s not worth complaining - it's more expensive for myself. Photo near (the latches of the halves of the case are clearly visible):

That's how they (latches) turned out to be the weakestplace in the kit. Having clicked once - it is no longer possible to disassemble without breaking the latches on one side. Even once broke when closing the halves of the body. I am even surprised how only one set fell into disrepair during shipment. A photo of the insertion of the connector and pinout of contacts (taken from the Internet, on the seller’s page is missing - minus him) I think they will also be useful in repairing cables. Please note that the connector has five contacts, three on one side (power: + 5V, date +, ground), and two on the other (date-, and screen)

Soldering, of course, is not as convenient as infull-size connector, smaller sizes affect. But the idea of ​​distributing contacts on different sides of the site saves the situation a bit. The contacts are not tin-plated, so the wire seizes worse. An example of the use of connectors - made by OTG MicroUSB - MicroUSB cable for tablets and mini PCs instead of the native MicroUSB - USB cable for USB HUB. It works as planned, flash drives and devices are detected and work. (For skeptics asking why such a short cable, I’ll answer - it’s necessary):

and finally a photo of the connector assembly at close range:

Pros: 1. Low price;
2. The amount in the kit is 10 pieces;
3. The design of the body of the USB connector;
Cons: 1. Unsuccessful microUSB case design;
2. Delivery up to 60 days, the track is not tracked;
General conclusion:
In general, I recommend both sets for purchase, I think they should be in the repair kit of each radio amateur, even in reserve. Someday come in handy.
P.S. There will probably be those who find it cheaper and more convenient to buy a finished product instead of a broken one, especially since not everyone wants to repair USB cables, spending time on this. I do not urge everyone to do so, the review is intended for those who like to repair things with their own hands, rather, even for sporting interest and, accordingly, who enjoy it.