Fan for Sapphire DUAL-X Video Cards

Hello. The history of this purchase began with the fact that the video card (Sapphire HD7970 DUAL-X) after a couple of years of excellent operation under load in games began to make quite a lot of noise. Corresponding program monitoring showed an elevated temperature and high fan speeds.
The unscheduled prevention of cleaning and blowing with a hairdryer from dust did not change the situation.
Both fans, when checking the promotion of a finger for jamming, worked normally. True, one had a little more resistance at the same time and stopped a little faster.
I decided to see what happens directly in the work. The result was discouraged - it turns out that one of the fans was included in the work only at a speed above 90%.
Dismantling the cooling system showed that thisfan type (FD7010H12S 85mm) is quite rare. You can’t buy it in the Russian Federation. And besides, these 2 fans are paired by the manufacturer of the video card in one wire.

I picked up a suitable fan in size from the old power supply, masking tape and power cable through a resistor (to reduce the number of revolutions and noise).

The workaround was implemented like this
+ the temperature has almost returned to normal
- a still noisy option came out, since the speed of the replaced fan is not adjustable and it always works at high speed.
Meanwhile, a Google search revealed thatthe spare part is found on the expanses of Ebay and Aliexpress. You cannot buy one FD7010H12S 85mm fan separately, only the FD7010H12S 75mm modification is available.
Since the option to save a pretty penny is notturned out, it was decided to buy both fans assembly. As a result, the seller with the lowest price at the time of order was found. He did not have much sales, but the reviews inspired confidence.
The package arrived at the expected time ~ 12 days after receiving the track number.
Packaging and contents

Sleight of hand and a little time:

Bottom line: the product is original, high-quality, temperature and noise during games came back to normal. The video card continues to work further. Thank you for your attention, who can come in handy.