Video review of the Blackview BV7000 Pro phone with Aliexpress and the review of the owner of the Blackview smartphone

Blackview BV7000 Pro, received and ofigel ...
Our valiant mail sent me a package inanother department, then they decided that I can pick it up and sent me a notice saying they’d go pick it up. Then they thought - and decided to “send” my package to my unit. Result: 3 trips to different post offices and the result is zero. After 3 days, I received a notification again - but alreadyfrom his compartment and joyfully took the device. The cant was that normal parcels survive 1 or to the extreme 2 deliveries by our mail. There were too many deliveries on the account of this box - the smartphone inside it was already hanging out. Thank God he's strong :-).
Now to the package itself and directly to the smartphone:
It comes in a box that has already become familiarfor company devices at a cost located at the mark of $ 100 and above - a flat and large white box with black contents. All accessories that have a color on the smartphone are also white. Yin and Yang, damn it.

Inside the box, except for the power supply, cableData transmission (and charging) and instructions are according to the already established habit of OTG cable and a protective film on the screen. Although I'm lying, there is still a tricky “clip” for removing the multi-tray for SIM cards and a memory card. West parts are not observed, but I wanted (out of habit, after the BV6000) ...

The smartphone itself does not look like that anymore“Brutal brick” as a predecessor (you’ll forgive me for comparing 2 different models, but it’s just lying next to it), but certainly (or it seems) easier and more beautiful. The design may and seems strange to someone, but with a "personal acquaintance" - he still seems like a pretty armored car.
Its filling is not super (according to the latest trends)- but also does not suck. Eight cores do - in any way - and the FullHD screen on this smartphone does not lead to system brakes. However, the company worked out such a combination of iron and screen in yet another model - Blackview P2 - and I am sure that such a set will function perfectly - and cost not very expensive.

Now a visual inspection:

With a visual inspection, I think you can already understand wherewhat and how it looks - for this I will add only one thing - the buttons are plastic, and in general - all that is black and not glass in its design is plastic, all gray is metal.
Recessed sockets, plugs must be extended- ordinary ones will not do. This is the specifics and the manufacturer could not do anything to avoid this. The speaker is covered by an iron plate (why?)
Sound. The external speaker personally pleased me. In my opinion, it is definitely not quieter than in the predecessor of the Blackview BV6000 armor class and, in my opinion, is on par with the Blackview P2. There are no low ones - but for the ringtone it’s not important - the main thing is to hear it - and believe me, you will hear it ... it’s especially good that next to the slots for the sound output is the “Blackview” nameplate, which is very convex, which does not allow you to block and muffle the sound when smartphone lies for example on the table. The speaker is also loud, but if you clearly think that with your hearing is complete ... trouble - you can make it unbearably loud in the engineering menu - just not to break it его
CPU. Its power is enough for all operations in the operation of the smartphone with the head, except, perhaps, for very demanding games - here you can immediately see that we are not a super gaming smartphone, but an average one (not a gaming one - but you can play). A video processor is enough to handle Full HD video without any problems.
There is even too much memory - 64 cumulative and 4operational - I forgot what a memory card is and a lack of RAM. So that he doesn’t “kill” the application in the background (when the screen goes blank), when you click on the middle sub-screen button (house) and hold it, you can see the settings for this list (“not killed programs”).

Someone like - but I personally liked the cameras.The peephole of the main camera is recessed in the case - what is protected from scratching the glass (trouble in the BV6000). And if you take into account that from the moment of unpacking the package with the smartphone he already installed 3 updates - I think over time the camera will become simply gorgeous: Examples of photos (video - under the article):

Screen: Compared with previous models of this company, he reached a new level. The size of the grain (pixel) and the quality of the display of colors are getting better and better - here it is generally excellent! Viewing angles are close to 180 degrees and the picture is only slightly darkened when deviated to maximum angles.

The buttons under the screen with a very weak backlight and they will have to be pressed almost always from memory ...

The fingerprint scanner ... no, it's not bad -it recognizes perfectly, but whether it was necessary to do a reset after the updates - or I’m doing something wrong - he sometimes doesn’t want to work for me stupidly ... maybe he just falls asleep? I’ll try to approach the problem more seriously and may find a program that makes him sleep so deeply or that everything will be corrected with the next update, all the more so since this is strange - it rarely happens. Maybe some of my installed programs are to blame? But then when it wakes up, it unlocks instantly.

Battery. The volume is not strangely similar to the claimed 3500 - according to the tester, it seems even more, but after several tests I’ll check more precisely - and as always when the smartphone reports that it is charged - it still does not stop charging and gets a little charge. And we get 3.5Ah. I hope all subsequent models of the company will be with the same true battery parameters.

The most joyful thing when switching from BV6000 toBV7000Pro is the presence of a notification diode. Moreover, RGB (3 colors). Notification of different events in different colors. Probably with the help of specials. software can achieve more colors.
On the right side (the lowest) is locatedprogrammable button - and separately, you can program the action on its short / long / double press. Configurable in the settings menu. I put a flashlight on it - it turns on only with a luminous screen (without unlocking) - and it turns off in the same place.
At the end of the article I note - do not expect me to crash tests or wash it in the washing machine - they did a lot without me - but I live with it (for now I will use it as the main unit)
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