Blackbox HD DVR - variation on the G1W theme

Greetings to all Muscovites and guests of the resource!
I’ll share my impressions about the recently acquired G1W DVR.
About four years ago, it was bought in a car registrar withthe speaking name of the DVR. The cheapest, with a clumsy translation and a reclining screen. In principle, it performed its functions, although the recording quality was frankly lame, at night, except for the headlights, nothing was visible, and the recording periodically “beat”, after which it was necessary to format the memory card.
I thought about his change for a long time, periodically wool with various reviews and prices. In the end, he identified some requirements for himself:
- readability of numbers on a car,
- visibility of road signs,
- night video on which one could distinguish the situation,
- cost up to $ 50.
Ultimately drew on the G1W with a 96650 chip(come across 96220 with a price below $ 35). At the time of ordering, the seller had a small discount and the price was 39.09 with free shipping by Singapore post. Only Regik ordered it, since it was read about the quality of memory cards. Right now I'm using Transcend, 4 GB, 6th grade.

The package came in a standard package and one layer"Pimples." Boxes (ordered two, the second to a friend) were in excellent condition, even for a gift. In the box, in addition to the recorder, there were: instructions, glass mount, charging into the cigarette lighter and USB cable.


Upon arrival, the first thing I wanted to make sure was that the 96650 chip was actually installed. Therefore, a little disassembly and inspection was made.

So, the chip is worth it. This is a plus; a dead battery is a minus (judging by the size of not more than 200 mAh).
Instructions in three languages: Chinese, English, Russian.

A brief description from there:

I’ll go over the menu briefly:
On the screen during shooting, data onselected movie duration, exposure compensation, WDR on / off, movie resolution, day / night mode (backlight turns on at night), microphone activity, date, time, memory card availability, battery status.

Video menu

Photo menu

Settings menu

Browse menu

A few notes on some features.
During recording, you can quickly protect the current video by pressing the "menu" button.
60 frames at 720P resolution is achieved by copying the frame.
In the Car Plate item, you can make so that next to the date the state is displayed. car number, or other alphanumeric information from, no more than 7 characters.
The menu item IR LED implies IR LEDs, but in fact there is a pair of ordinary 5050. You can also turn them on during video recording by pressing the power button.

Before moving on to the video I would like to talk abouta fixture that has already become a byword. Firstly, constant use of it does not inspire optimism, and secondly, the connection to the recorder case does not have the necessary rigidity, as a result of which the video jumps noticeably on irregularities and will be clearly visible in the first video. I eliminated this by putting a piece of gum on the back.

Also on the audio recording I noticed an extraneous crack resulting from the play of the buttons. Therefore, the recorder dismantled again and glued them with double-sided tape 0.15 mm thick.
After these two improvements, the video does not tremble and there is no cod on the record, it can be estimated on the night video at the time of moving the tram tracks.
I will pass to the video.
The numbers of passing cars are read, oncoming ones too (under favorable conditions and relative speed, approximately, up to 120-130 km / h)
Noises appear at night, the resolution drops sharply, but the environment is legible.

original video

In the afternoon


By backlight

At night

Video Properties

The horizontal viewing angle according to my calculations was 94 degrees. Here is the frame by which I determined. The distance from the lens to the tape measure is 34 cm, plus added 1 cm offhand.

After viewing the recordings, it was felt that the focus was set too close. Therefore, I want to try to play with this parameter.
The results that I summed up for myself.
good visibility of numbers and signs;
uniform focus, no blurring at the edges;
compact, almost completely hidden behind the mirror.
noisy matrix;
"Raw" mount;
tips in audio recordings;
chatter of keys;
"Walks" white balance