Jusky X40 DVR on Ambarella A7LA50 with GPS (flashing, revision, etc.)

I received a video recorder (BP), which I wrote about in this review last year (section “Discounts and sales”) and promised to lay out a dismemberment of BP.
I will not focus on delivery times (it’s hard to write about the Russian Postage lottery), I won’t overload the review with packaging photos either - everything is standard (cardboard, bubble, box with BP).

I won’t upload the video either - the chip, OV4689 sensor and firmware are standard, there are tons of video examples on the Internet.
Video examples (originals on file hosting)

Viewing angle

Video Bitrate Information

From the description of BP on the seller’s website is not quiteIt’s clear how external GPS works. I clarify - the logs are written in separate files, you can superimpose the coordinates and speed on the video (separately), on the USB flash drive when formatting for the first time through the DVR menu, a folder appears in which the RegistratorViewer program is located, which allows you to view all the information about the trip.
Sample picture of the program

I ran into the first problem, trying to set the resolution I needed in the menu “1080P HDR @ 30fps” - it simply wasn’t there, only “1080P @ 30fps”, “720P @ 60fps”, “720P @ 30fps” were available.
I wrote to the seller, threatened a dispute, he quicklyI was sent a fresh firmware (FW X40 20170104 V1.0, was FW X40 20161129 V1.0), after installing which additionally appeared "2560 * 1080 (21: 9) @ 30fps", "1080P HDR @ 30fps", "1080 P @ 45fps »
Photo firmware number

Since after my last year’s review there were orders for this BP, I hope that the information on the firmware of this unit will be useful to Muscovites.

The second problem was that the recorderwhen turning off the power, it turned off instantly without saving the last file. An autopsy showed that a flimsy soldering of ionistors connected in series
More on this

By the way, the default menu is set to delay“1 min” shutdown (when the external power is turned off), I recommend switching it to “Off”, since the charge of the ionistor is only enough to correctly complete the recording of the last file
Well, the insides of BP

GPS module with disassembly

Installation in the car