Waterproof Lenovo-S750 smartphone

This phone came to me by accident, howby chance, I bought it specifically in one of the sales at a very good price, something about 5 thousand rubles. and planned to resell, having welded some money. But when the phone finally reached me and I held it in my hands, I realized this is my thing, I won’t give it to anyone.

Almost a year has passed since then, and so I decidedwrite a review about it, or rather not a review, but the experience of normal operation is not unclean already elderly, therefore there will be a description of exclusively utilitarian consumer properties and no antutu or other trutus. I will give only technical data under the spoiler.
Additional Information

Box, packaging, lanyards-chargers describeI won’t, I’ve already seen all this a hundred times, I won’t add anything new, I’ll just say that the boxes for all Lenovo that the doctor ordered for our native delivery service are very dense and solid, it’s for sure not to crucify or bite them to the mailers.
Why did I like this particular phone? Well, firstly, I’m still a bit cunning that he was bought exclusively for sale, because my first smartphone, and it was the communicator-navigator Mitac Mio A502, ordered me to live a long time after I went fishing a little bit. I love and respect fishing, so I didn’t want to repeat a similar story at all, and the Lenovo S750 is declared as a waterproof phone and not just waterproof, but certified according to the IP67 standard. Secondly, he laid down in my hand just perfectly, such a heavy one, the lid is ribbed, tactilely pleasant, in general mine and that’s it.

The phone is made very soundly and reliably, the plastic of the case is thick, durable, no backlashes and gaps (and where can they get IP67 protection).

There are no holes in the body, except for the front and rear speakers covered with a thin metal mesh, all communication connectors are located at the top and tightly closed by a powerful plug.

The cap is attached to the phone case with siliconewith a cable, I try to always open it carefully, because many complain that this cable breaks over time. It would be nice to have wireless charging, so as not to pull the plug back and forth, but alas.

There is a rubber band around the perimeter of the internal groove, the screws securing the case are quite powerful, they look solid, the lid snaps tight.

On the back cover, some soft-touch film is glued to the size of the battery.

The camera usually shoots, nothing bad, likehowever, I can’t say anything outstanding, except for the flash - it is clearly rather weak. The protective glass on the rear camera sticks out slightly in relation to the body and light scratches appeared on it. The video shoots in HD of normal quality, but the sound is not so hot.

Satellites are caught quickly through the windshield of a car; for navigation purposes, the device is quite suitable.

WiFi, Bluetooth work flawlessly, LTEThe device does not support. I would like a larger battery, but it is standard for such a diagonal - 2000 mAh, it lasts me an average of 2-3 days, in standby mode it will probably last more than a week.
The speaker is also of medium volume, on a noisy street in your pocket you may not hear a bell, but at full volume it does not wheeze.
The screen has an IPS display, brightness margin inIn principle, it’s enough, but in sunny weather it’s not so good. Viewing angles both vertically and horizontally are large. I don’t know what it’s connected with, but the video doesn’t look very good, it feels like the color depth has been reduced, gradations of color transitions are visible, the players changed - there’s no sense.

Front Event LEDunfortunately the white is one-color, for seven years of using smartphones I’m used to the red-green eye, why Lenovo didn’t understand such nonsense.

I did not do tests for waterproofness (in YouTubethey can be easily found), but in the water park he dragged him along all the attractions, photographed his son - there were no problems. I often cannot go to the bathhouse, so I replace the park with a hot bathtub, take it with me, watch IPTV or YouTube, everything is fine too, the touchpad only dulls with wet hands. While fishing, I don’t particularly stand on ceremony with him either - he worries wet, dirty hands without any problems, then he washed himself with water from the pond and is normal.
The rest I take the phone quite carefully, although I carry it simply in my pocket without a case and a protective film, it seems that this has not yet been reflected in its appearance.

Lenovo S750 is not officially delivered to Russia,accordingly, there is no official Russian firmware for it, but the seller, knowing that buyers from the Russian Federation sends phones with a certain modified firmware, in which Russian is available and moreover, you can only distinguish from the official firmware somewhere in the wilds - pre-installed melodies or contacts, hieroglyphs slip there but it’s not annoying at all.

It strains another:
one. The lack of Russian characters on the dialer keyboard and in the address book. The problem is solved by crutches in the form of a third-party dialer and address book, I liked RocketDial + Rocket Conacts with HD photos of callers. Ruth is also present in this firmware.
It was

has become

2. The lack of a calendar in android. Downloading from the playmarket does not lead to anything - it does not work. I decided to install a third-party calendar Calendar +
3. Well, the most important jamb is the breakdown of the drive into internal memory, and its only 0.98 GB and phone memory 1.64 GB. The first is reserved for system files and instantly clogs up when you install a dozen and a half third-party applications. As I did not want to do this, but it seems that there is no way to do without a flashing here (the troubles with re-marking the memory seemed to me clearly more difficult).
To summarize, we can say that the Lenovo S750an average average among smartphones by the standards of a year ago, but its waterproof qualities put it in a separate cohort of smartphones, in which not many participants should be said. Fans of fishing and water recreation can recommend adnaznachena!