Choosing the ultimate mobile gaming solution: Android vs Windows 8 or the Ipega PG-9701 and PG-9023 review

Happy New Year, redlightgreen!
Today we will try to find the perfect mobilea gaming solution by reviewing two interesting products: the Ipega PG-9701 Android gaming tablet and the Ipega PG-9023 tablet gamepad. Also in this review, we will make PS Vita cry with crocodile tears and bring the concept of SteamBoy to life, and Nvidia Shield will begin a nervous tick today.
I love video games. Games have long ceased to be purely children's entertainment, today they are already firmly in line with the cinema, and already largely surpass it due to bold ideas, interactivity and the sad degradation of the latter. That is why I prefer games to cinema more and more, but if I can watch movies easily wherever and whenever, then with games it’s a little more difficult, especially when it comes to good games, rather than crafts from the series “Blinded in two hours “Now, I’m going to row-bucks.”
I want to say right away that I hate playing onsmartphones (and I try to instill good taste in children), the same ones for the dollar apiece, all of them with extremely rare exceptions, are a very sad sight, but at the same time against the background of general lack of well-being, inexperienced mobile players cause terrible delight, and I'm not one of them numbers.
Yes, recently you can see a couple of new ports of classic games, but there are so few of them that I can easily count them on my fingers.
For me, emulators have become some salvationconsoles with tons of cool games, but touch screen controls kill all the fun. But fortunately, manufacturers do not sit still, and like mushrooms after rain, various solutions began to appear from initially gaming devices to various kinds of gaming accessories. And we’ll talk about similar products today.
Ipega PG-9701
The first hero of today's article will be 7 "Android tablet, found by chance on the open spaces of aliexpress, in search of a gift for a child - Ipega PG-9701. The tablet is made by the already quite famous Hong Kong company Ipega, which specializes in the production of accessories for mobile devices, including gaming.

The only thing that was found on thisa tablet is a pair of videos in Italian on youtube, and advertising unboxing from some Chinese store. Judging by the publication date of these videos, I can assume that the tablet was introduced recently. “I will be the first customer!” - I thought and clicked the “Buy” button.
The seller is very sociable and friendly.
Delivery was pretty fast, sent 13December 25 was received on December 25, a slight delay was at the stage of shipment of the order by the seller, but following my theory about the novelty of the product, I wrote it off to the fact that the tablet did not arrive at the seller immediately.
Box and equipment
The tablet comes in a huge box in a super cover, weighing one and a half kilograms.

Opening the box, we will see the tablet

Under it inside in a foam base there is an instruction in English

Charger with Euro plug 5 Volt 2 Amperes, not micro usb

MicroUSB cable

Gamepad frame

5+ packaging
Tablet features:

  • Processor: Rockchip RK3188 Cortex A9 4 cores at 1.6 gHz
  • GPU: Mali 400
  • RAM: 2 GB DDR3
  • Built-in memory: 16GB + MicroSD
  • Screen: 7 inches 1024x600
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Operating System: Android 4.2

Characteristics are not outstanding, but not weak, especially considering the price.
A tablet measuring 185 x 110 x 12 mm.
Everything was assembled pretty well, the design of the tablet itself is not very interesting, but paired with a gamepad it looks great. The case on the tablet is made of metal and the gamepad is plastic.
On the upper edge are a microphone, a slot for a memory card, a jack for connecting charging, a headphone jack, an hdmi port, a volume rocker and a power button are located a little behind.

The front camera is located in front. The main camera is located behind, a hidden reset button and a speaker

There is nothing to the right and left.
Bottom microUSB port to which the gamepad is connected

The screen is rather mediocre, viewing angles are small, but for this price it is difficult to wait for something outstanding.
The speaker is located on the back side. The sound is good. The volume is average. At maximum volume it does not wheeze.
As you already understood, the tablet is universal, and can be either fully gaming or a regular tablet on the Android platform, and a wonderful gamepad frame helps it in this.

The gamepad connects to the tablet usingMicroUSB connector. It contains all the standard elements of a modern gamepad: select, start, 1, 2,3,4, L1, L2, L3, R1, R2, R3 buttons, a cross and yes an analog stick.

The overall impression of the tablet in the gamepad-framevery good, the weight is almost not felt, it is very convenient to hold the device. The buttons have a nice clear stroke, the sticks have medium hardness - a little softer than on my xbox360 controller.
Android operating system 4.2, practically has not undergone changes, added hdmi settings, functions for taking screenshots and built-in remapper for the gamepad (incredibly useful and convenient thing). There is support for the Russian language out of the box. From the preinstalled software, there is only a certain Happy Chicken, which I already decided to remove, but as it turned out in vain, but more on that later.

Since the platform is no longer new, I will not conduct any comprehensive performance tests. Here is the result in Antutu

And I'll move on to why it was all bought - to the games
And with this, the tablet is just fine! And all thanks to the gamepad!
Gta: San andreas works great, full controller support

Jedi knight Touch and Jedi Academy Touch also work perfectly
On Terraria, I tested the remapper and it works flawlessly. A remapper is called whenever you like by pressing a button with a gamepad icon on the bottom panel.

Also, the controller is doing great with console emulators. You can freely run and play games on your tablet from

PS 1

Nintendo DS

and other retroconsoles

To play all this with a gamepad - one thingsheer pleasure, a million times better than crawling fingers on the touch screen. While taking screenshots for the review, it stuck in new super mario bros ds for a couple of hours.
Happy chick

And now I will tell you about that very happy chicken that I already wanted to remove.
Happy chick is a game center that containsimagine all available console emulators with an online library of games for them and native android games, and all this with ratings, constant updates, and a cloud storage of saves.
So the topic was found on chicken
And the official website where you can download it
Emulators and games are already weaned to beg for money (is it good or bad for you to decide).
Here is the main screen

The interface is in English, but the home page is partially in Chinese, because it is a regular web page.
Games can be sorted by rating, genre, platforms, tags

The program itself monitors updates of the built-in emulators, Mupen64, Drastic, etc., although it does not advertise their real names much.

Games have screenshots, ratings and comments.

The only negative is simply the appallingly low speed of downloading games, but the benefit can be thrown manually, only then the covers and ratings will not be available to them.

After downloading, all games are available through the “Play” screen, where they can be sorted by platform. When you select a game, the desired emulator will automatically open.
This program is just a gift. That's just the download speed would increase and become generally perfect.
The impression of the tablet is just wonderful, Iliterally in love with him. With difficulty, he pulled away from him only late at night. Good quality, versatility, and ergonomics are just great! You can see a good focus on games and thoughtfulness in many things, even put a ferrite ring on the charging cable to filter interference on the touch screen (for beauty, rather) - a worthy gift for a child for the new year! Oh, such a gift, but during my childhood ...
Have you already started to think that this is a great purchase? Does the cursor reach the “I plan to buy” button? Do you think this is a great choice for fans to play on the road or in nature?
Wait! Do not hurry!
The thing is that last year the famousIntel took one rather significant step, which for some reason went almost unnoticed by users - they released the BayTrail platform. This seemingly insignificant event turned the mobile device market upside down, at least for me. Finally, the tablets on a full-fledged Windows caught up and in some ways overtook the other platforms: they are lightweight, powerful, with excellent battery life and, thanks to aggressive intel dumping, are cheap! Thanks to all the same dumping and assistance to developers, the Chinese began to stamp a huge number of tablets on Windows, competing in who makes the tablet cheaper. You can buy an 8 "tablet with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory for just $ 100!
Since May, I have been the proud owner of a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. And more than just happy with this device. Especially in terms of games.
Ipega PG-9023
But I was completely lacking only one thing - a good gamepad for the tablet. And then he appeared - the Ipega PG-9023 tablet gamepad!

I bought this gamepad on the Dealextreme website here
The price is $ 32, with the gift voucher I won at the sale, the price is $ 22.
Delivery was carried out by Latvian mail, andit took a relatively long time and plus their mail site for tracking the parcel didn’t work yet, if I logged in with Russian IP ... oh, these SANCTIONS. Sent December 2, received December 25.

Packing and packaging
The gamepad is packed in a large transparent plastic box weighing 435 grams.

It contains a gamepad with a cardboard dummy tablet in it

Instructions in English

MicroUSB cable for charging

The design of the gamepad, say ... for an amateur. Dimensions 250 x 130 x 70 mm.
Good build quality, coating material -rough plastic. Due to its light weight and specific design, the gamepad feels flimsy and cheap, but everything changes when you insert the tablet. With the tablet, the design is stiff and the weight comes back to normal.
From the controls:
Multimedia buttons

2 analog sticks (same as on PG-9701)

Two triggers and two triggers

Four main buttons


Start, back and home

The main set of controls corresponds to the standard xbox 360 gamepad, with the exception of triggers, here it's just buttons.
The design of the gamepad is telescopic. Half has a lock lock and the other half is spring loaded. Allows you to insert tablets with a screen size up to 10.6 "into it, according to sellers or 28 centimeters according to my measurements.

A special stand is provided below that protects the tablet from falling out

The charging socket is located below

There is a reset button at the back

The gamepad is connected to devices via bluetooth. There are four connection modes, among them there are modes for PC, android and apple devices.
The mode is selected when turned on by pressingHome button and one of the main buttons. We are interested in the mode for the PC - home + x. The gamepad is defined as a standard direct input gamepad, to work with modern games you will need the Xbox360 Controller Emulator program, you can download it here the profile for the gamepad is downloaded automatically.
I already wrote about Baytrail as a gaming platform on one small gaming site here If you are interested, then you can familiarize yourself with my posts. I apologize to the administration for external links, but they are given here solely to supplement the review.
You can watch the game test videos on my YouTube channel
for example

I will not conduct special tests for the review, because there are already enough of them, and this is still more of a gamepad review than a tablet.
Here, the user community has already collected quite extensive statistics on the compatibility and performance of these tablets in games
Did bioshock enter iPads? C'mon, I already passed it. HL 2 episode one? And I almost passed the second one again. Streaming PC games? Steam in-home streaming works great on my tablet. And the sea of ​​excellent PC games at my disposal. Of course, not all, because the performance on games with very cool graphics is simply not enough, but thousands of indie toys and thousands of old games work perfectly + emulators + Android assemblies for windows such as Bluestacks, the new AMIDuOS and the upcoming ConsoleOS.
“If you are looking for a mobile game console, thena tablet on Baytrail with an Ipega gamepad (or the like) is your choice. Yes, in some places you will have to adjust the graphics, install drivers and patches to work with widescreen resolution, etc., but you don’t have to be so lazy as to deny yourself almost limitless possibilities after tuning. In addition, with a great desire, having configured everything once as needed, you can get a full-fledged console with the convenient Steam big picture interface and gamepad-oriented management. What else is needed for happiness? ”
- that’s how I was going to finish my review, beforeafter spending several days with these devices. But now I have changed my mind a bit. Ipega PG-9701 is an excellent gaming tablet with excellent ergonomics, and a happy chicken and built-in remapper add a big plus to the piggy bank of merits. Many emulators have made great strides in development precisely on mobile platforms, especially in terms of interface and usability. Without a twinge of conscience, I can advise 9701 to purchase - this is an excellent product for my money.
On the other hand, the PC has its advantages: Steam is developing, there is a big picture mode for gamepads, steam in-home streaming, a huge number of old games and thousands of new indie games, emulators are developed primarily on the PC, and incredible overall versatility. This is a great gaming solution! As close to the ultimate as possible.

And with the release of the cherry trail next year, tablets on windows will immediately become ten steps closer to this title.
But it's up to you to decide. I hope I will help my review in making the decision.

I will be glad to supplement the review if you have thoughts about what I can still write and questions that I can answer. I apologize if the review turned out to be a bit confusing - I wrote it in several visits.
Happy New Year again, dear readers!