Funny cat pillow

Good day!
I want to share one interesting purchase, which will be both a pleasant gift and an interesting interior item, the image of which redlightgreen users like so much)
The item is currently not available from the seller, but the pillows are easy are sought. Prices have grown slightly, bought for US $ 6.18.
The package reached me in Belarus forstandard time is about a month. I was very worried about how the package would come, because the pillow was big ... There was no limit to surprise when they handed a parcel the size of a palm at the post office, because the word "cover" in the name of the goods didn’t bother me when I bought it ...
There is no photo of the package itself, but it is not difficult to guess the size by the type of cover received. Crumpled up a bit, does not affect work.

High-quality drawing, neat seams, the material is pleasant to the touch and without extraneous odors. Turned inside out the cover looks ... interesting)

Lightning is not a concern and looks prettyreliably, in any case, you will not have to use it often. The dog itself is made of machined metal, so the risk of injury by accidentally encountering her face is minimal.

Only ears were full.

Scheduled for a gift, pillow in this formIt was a sad sight. Searches for “pillow packing” quickly brought me to a holofiber or just syntepuh - ideal for filling pillows and also hypoallergenic. A 1kg package cost me $ 6, so much is enough to fill 4 such pillows.

It is a small tangled balls of synthetic fiber.

It is very convenient to work with a synthech, it does not fly apart and fills the entire space. After stuffing and giving the correct shape, the pillow takes on a salable condition and is ready to make the birthday man happy.