Funny hair bands “telephone wire”

Good day!
This is a pretty popular lot on Ali - hair bands ala "telephone wire".
Let's take a closer look =)
The package went standard 25-30 days, the usual yellow package came (photo will not))
I liked the gums themselves, there is no smell, they are made qualitatively, they are no different from the seller’s photo. The colors are cool, as if the paint is inside, and on top a transparent layer =)
Stretch well

but after use, they return to almost their original size (I read the advice that they can be put in hot water, if they are very stretched, I have not tried it myself, there was no need).
They look great like a bracelet, one at a time or all together.

This one sells 15 colors for every taste, I think you can find more colors, different effects (seen and with sparkles and matte), the price is not biting.

Koto photo

I didn’t find any disadvantages, we and the cat recommend it! =)