$ 1.42 Iron Shark Keychain

Hi boys and girls, lovers of shopping from abroad! I want to tell you about my first purchase on AliExpress - a keychain.
As before, I never ordered anything from China, I decided to buy something cheap, for the amount that I would not mind losing. In the search for Aliexpress I chose products up to $ 2 and on the first pages I found a cute shark keychain. In the reviews, buyers spoke well about the product and I paid for it using WebMoney.

A parcel from China arrived in Belarus in about 35 days. The keychain was packed by the seller in a waterproof plastic bag. Instructions for its use were not included :)
You can’t tell a lot about the keychain itself. The automatic title translation said the keychain is a silver plated zinc alloy jewelry. What alloys it is actually made of, I have no way to check, but the statement that the keychain is coated with silver is certainly a lie :) It looks exactly like in the seller’s photos, it is made quite accurately, brightly and perceptible. Such a little thing is still more suitable for men, because the size and weight are slightly large, and the aggressive design and the second purpose (to open the beer) go against the pink blouses and rhinestones :)

Its direct purpose is to collect keys on itself,the keychain performs well. The ring that came in the kit is sturdy and large enough. A bunch of keys with a “shark” looks much prettier - everyone who noticed the keychain in my hands was asked to look closer and someone even asked where you can get something similar.
The second purpose of the “shark" is to open the bottles. I do not have much practice in such matters, but even I, fragile and inexperienced, dealt with this, although not the first time :)

In general, I was satisfied with my first purchase at the Chinese online store and immediately after receiving it I returned to Aliexpress, already for ordering goods at a higher price.
If anyone is interested in how I opened my first parcel and a bottle of beer, watch the video below: