Women's bag with print, quality material

Hello. Today I will tell you about my successful, but not very successful purchase. The mismatch in size made me open a dispute, but honestly.
As always, sorry for the many photos).
In the spring, I decided to buy a bag. Naturally, I turned to Ali for help.
The main selection criterion was roominessbags. Since I was going to study with her, it was planned to fit notes, stationery, some female trinkets (powder, lipstick, mirror, comb), a purse and, most importantly, a bathrobe, an integral part of my studies.
I liked this bag, because instead of the usual strap it has a chain, and the print also attracted me. The seller has 2 types of prints.
But not so simple as it seems.
The goods have arrived ... and what do I see ??? The print is not so bright, well, okay. But the size of the bag made me upset, even the notebook wouldn’t fit in there (just a couple of cm is missing), except in a bent state, but then it’s not convenient to close the bag.
The seller indicates the size "Medium (30-50 cm)", IOf course I didn’t dream of such a size, why do I need such a huge bag ?, but imagined it a little more. It is strange that I did not pay attention to the "package size: 45cm x 15cm x 25cm"
I decided to open a dispute. It would not be fair to return the entire amount on my part. The material in the bag is high-quality and dense. The print didn’t bother me much, but the size ... So to demand 50%, I think, was normal. The seller rejected my request for $ 7 and, after a couple of correspondence, offered $ 5. Of course I agreed. Thanks and that).
Well, I was left without a bag to study. Seriously, sometimes when you don’t need to take a dressing gown or when he is waiting for me to study, I use this bag ... stuff it with other accessories, barely close it and go ...
Due to my cramming, I spoiled the bag a little, but this is not noticeable, I'll tell you later.
So, here it is, my miracle. We have a print on the front.

The print is not as bright as in the seller’s photo. Has a different overall tone of the picture. If the seller has a warm tone, then in reality it is cold.

At the back we just have a black background, nothing more.

The material is really high quality. It is quite durable and completely not going to crack, as is the case with other materials.

Due to the fact that I stuffed the bag very much, fabric came out of the accessories on the handle. But thanks to this, now we can see the reverse side of the material.

In fact, this can be fixed by opening the handle latches on the back side, then push the fabric back and press the latches again.
But I didn’t take risks, suddenly I won’t be able to do normal and will only make it worse ...
The accessories were scratched, because if I carry the bag by the handles, then I personally put a chain in my hands ... scratches are a result of friction.

The bag has only one main compartment and, as always, one secret pocket. Closes to a snake. The snake is normal, it doesn’t stick anywhere.

The bottom of the bag is not wide. In sewing, it does not stand out in any way, except at the corners.

The seams are normal, smooth, no complaints.

The chain is long enough for convenience. From A to Z it came out about 113cm.

Real bag sizes:
40cm * 24cm and 5cm (angle)
Real bag capacity:
40cm * 16cm and 5cm (angle)
Here is an example with a regular notebook.


And as you can see, for normal roominess, a couple of centimeters in height is not enough:

And finally, a bunch of selfies))).

As you can see, I carry the bag either by the handles or on a chain, with this chain full-length.
Output: the quality of the material makes me very happy, it is really good. Compared with the bag from this review, then as they say "heaven and earth." If there my material just started to climb near pens and other compounds, then here it is, if it is observed, then obviously not soon.
It’s a pity that the size didn’t work out well, but I’m happy with this purchase anyway.

Thank you for watching.