USB sound card for a dollar. Microview. Small utility-interest. Part 1

I want to start a series of reviews with all sorts of needs that cost little money, but sometimes really help out.
So, the micro review will be devoted to a sound card for a dollar, which helps out if you have a combined audio input / audio output on your computer, and the headset has two wires (green and pink). There are a lot of such goods in Ali, the review will be devoted to a tested sample from an unknown basement company. Who cares, welcome to cat.
Once I wrote a review on a headset, which was bought only for talking on Skype.
here is the link to the review:
The headset pleases to this day, coping withset tasks at 5. But there is a small nuance, it has just 2 wires. A computer, also bought on Ali, has only a combined audio input / output. There was no information about the connectors on the headset page, so I wrote to the Chinese, asked about this moment. To which he wrote a general phrase that everything will be fine. Then, for the sake of safety, I took the adapter from one combined minijack to two, like this:

But, unfortunately, the microphone through thisthe adapter did not work, and it cannot be parsed for repair. and even the distance between the holes was so small that I had to cut the plastic on the connectors at the headset. Therefore, I took just such a scarf, which reduces the number of free USB ports, but it works.
The purchase was paid on October 24, and delivered 32 days later and, of course, was not tracked.

came in a standard china package

This is how it looks in the package:

Here is the information printed on the cardboard.

This is how it looks:

When the scarf is detected by Windows, it lights up with a bright red LED. When it works, that is, when you communicate, it blinks to it.

Windows 10 defines it as a usb plug and play sound device.

And the driver picks up herself from the standard OS tools.

Three months have passed already, the scarf is working stably,working daily for the good of us. There are no audible clutter or squeaks. The advantages include the price, ease of use. By cons, a very bright, annoyingly bright LED. Thanks for your attention.