Promotion on FiiO X1 music player and EX1II headphones + 16Gb memory card for $ 109.99

Good day!
I came across a promotion from the official FiiO store on the Aliexpress site:
Fiio X1 player (first generation, golden color) + FiiO EX1-II headphones (dynamic drivers with titanium coating) + miscro-sd memory card on 16Gb for $ 109.99.
I made an order only because of the EX1-II headphones.
Last year, there was a similar promotion only with EX1 headphones of the first revision in which I participated, as a result, the player was profitably sold on the ebay site, thereby providing me with "free" headphones).
The store does not want to send the goods to me in Kazakhstan.
Reason: "our shipping agent they will help us to send goods via netherland post or singapore post ... the problem is they don’t accept our goods to your country ... sorry about the problem".
Who made the order, are there any problems with sending to your country?
The promotion has ended.
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