Batteries on the official website: LiitoKala LG HG2 18650

I thought very tasty prices for batteries. For example:
one. 4pcs / lot LiitoKala 18650 2600mAh ICR18650-26JM Li-ion 3.7V Battery For Samsung - 11 $
2 Chocolates 2 pcs / lot LiitoKala LG HG2 18650 3000 mah - $ 9 for 2 pcs.
3 A pair of original Sanyo 26ZY 2 PCS. Original 18650 Li-ion Battery With PCB sanyo Sanyo Protected 2600mAh original / sanyo
P.S. I found charging at the same seller Liitokala lii-202 for $ 6.38, I didn’t find cheaper on Ali (I didn’t consider girbest, because there is no magic coupon Ali), taking into account the coupon 5/6 + cashback, it turns out almost free then ...
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