Case for the camera Sony alpha a6000

Recently I updated my camera, as a result of which I had to buy a cover for it. Here on it (on this case) and present to you my mini-review.
The camera itself was bought in the official Sony online store instead of the Sony RX-100m3, which was bought all in the same online store. An excellent case for the LCJ-RXFC came as a gift to RX
And the color and comfort of the case really liked.
But unfortunately, to a6000 a cover as a giftI didn’t go, and I didn’t have the slightest desire to buy my own for 3-4 thousand (and the amphibian maliciously rubbed his green hands looking at the cost of it). I had to look for options
The option was found quickly in the vastness of Ali and an order was immediately made
It was sent by a sf-express company that was not familiar to me before. The track didn’t really want to be tracked
But, despite this, the cover, although slowly but surely, came, or rather crawled to me. Unfortunately, I can not show the photo of the package, but I can assure you that you would not see anything interesting anyway.
Well, here we go. Sewn, of course from leatherette. The branded one for 3-4 thousand is also sewn from it. The case consists of three parts: the bottom with a handle guard that is attached to the device with a screw, a protective box on two clips and a belt in the color of a cover attached to the ears of the device. Since the native belt on the device is excellent, the “cover” was not at work.

The bottom of the apparatus:

Alpha Series Logo Protector:


Everyone is here:

Another important detail in this case. It can be worn without removing the viewfinder eye cup. Native covers, for example, require the eyecup to be removed

As a comparison, I am attaching a photo of my native case, but on a different device. And immediately a quiz: what kind of apparatus is in a black case? Who will be the first to answer that honor, respect and plus sign!

I forgot to say earlier - a whale lens 16-50. The cover for it is sharpened, but the “pancakes”, some fifty dollars, 35 from Zeiss fit perfectly
+ Great price (about 400 rubles)
+ Quality stitched
+ Durable
+ Belt included
+ Includes eyecup
- A little "fragrant" the first days
That’s probably all. I will answer any questions!