Case for Lenovo A789

I got my Lenovo A789 here - more than oncedescribed, so this is not about that. The body of the smartphone needs to be protected, attended to the purchase of a protective case. Found. Ordered on November 22, received December 15. Quite quickly ... although it is sold, it seems to be still small - without a reputation.
For the lazy - you can take it, a cover on a solid 4 (leatherette) genuine leather

The parcel arrived in a plain yellow envelope, with a patch of plastic inside.
The case was in a pouch (made of artificial fibers), a protective film was put in the same place (not bad, dense) - with the inscription Lenovo A789

Inside the cover lay a block of synthetic ... well, let's say polystyrene, which is reasonable in my opinion.

The case is made of NATURAL SKIN, in the form of a booklet - with an integrated plastic frame for the phone

The right holes in the field

The phone sits tight in the frame, does not fall out, and to pull it out of the frame, you need to apply some force.
Case thickness with phone 2cm.

The case closes on top with two magnets embedded in leather tails.
There is no belt mount.
-Sharpened for this phone
-Phone is attached securely
-Applied screen protector
-Hard covers
-Kozhzam (but this is a consequence of the price)
- The magnets in the latches are weak, you need to carefully combine them. And the latches slightly (but only slightly) prevent you from pressing the power button
The summary is quite a middle case. Has the right to exist.