iPad mini speaker for Onda v972 tablet repair

Good day everyone, ali nights ...
This review is inspired by a problem that has successfully resolved with a result higher than expected. It's about repairing the Onda v972 tablet, or rather, replacing the speaker.
It so happened that the speakers on the tablet are not of the best quality. And now, after a year and a half, the speaker died on my tablet. He began to snore. A little study of the forum w3bsit3-dns.com suggested a solution. In the ond 972th, the speaker from the mini iPad fits well. Searching the bins of China, a seller was found on Ali with the right product. After 40 days (very long), a package with speakers came. Pack with a bubble wrap. The weight is scanty. There are two speakers. On the iPad, the sound is stereo, but on our Chinese there is only one speaker. The second goes to reserve for a rainy day.
The repair process is very simple. We turn off the native speaker, solder from the iPad.

We glue with a thermo-gun so that it does not dangle in the case and voila. Working! Someone glues double-sided tape. In general, who has what is at hand.

This is Onda v972 inside, if anyone is interested

Comparison of native speaker with iPad. I took a picture on the tablet screen for the scale of this small. On top of the native, below the iPad ...

The size is smaller and the sound is more pleasant. There are even some basses.
Measurements of the native speaker showed a resistance of 7.2 ohms against 8.4 ohms from the iPad.
Summary: A good thing. I recommend to purchase.