Diode bulbs in dimensions T10 W5W on 24 SMD 4014 diodes

Today's review will be devoted to the next diode bulbs. This time we will talk about bulbs in the dimensions (and not only) of the T10 W5W standard car, made on the basis of 4014 SMD diodes.
Not so long ago I wrote a review on similar bulbs, but due to the fact that their light was with a tangible blue, I had to think about replacing them. If suddenly someone did not see, then with them the light looked something like this:

And someone frightened me that silicone fromthe shell will gradually evaporate and settle inside the headlamp, which will lead to a significant deterioration in its performance. I don’t know if this is true or not, although it is somehow hard to believe, I didn’t really want to check it. It is these two factors that have become the main ones for deciding on the purchase of new bulbs. This time I was looking for bulbs without any shell and with the maximum white light emitted. It is not hard to guess, the choice fell on the culprits of today's review.
Bulbs are delivered in a regular plastic bag without any original packaging. You can see the route of the bulb from China to Belarus here. In order to prevent damage on the way, the seller shook them in a small layer of bumps. In live bulbs look as follows:

This option is without a trick. Those. if your vehicle has a CAN bus with all the consequences, the on-board computer will write that the light bulb is blown. Especially for such options, there is exactly the same bulb in which additional resistors are installed between the contact tracks, eliminating this error. I have nothing of the kind, so you can put both one and the other (they have the same price). But because of the same resistors, the power consumed by the bulb increases significantly, and, consequently, the heat generated by it increases. Therefore, a simpler option was chosen.
The bulbs are full of elements, both on the one and the other. Let's take a closer look:

And on the other hand, there is the most important thing - the driver, and not the usual ballast, which is found in 99% of bulbs of this type.

Well, and, as I said, the diodes of this optionfully open, so that they will not heat up as fast as it could be. In general, there are no complaints about the quality of the bulbs; everything is done very well and accurately.
The dimensions are standard (except for the thickness :), since this option is almost flat). Length 3 centimeter bulbs.

Width is about 9 millimeters.

And the thickness is about 2 millimeters.

Due to the small thickness I hadthe feeling that the bulb in the cartridge is not sitting very tightly. As if hanging out a little. It was necessary to tighten the contacts, but there was nothing thin at hand
The light source is 24 SMD 4014 diodes, according12 on each side. This is enough to ensure that their light is bright, even very bright. On the seller’s page you can see the following characteristics:
- color: pure white 6000 K;
- socle type: T10 w5w;
- operating voltage: 9-30V DC;
- power: 2.5 W;
- luminous flux: 300LM;
- uptime: 50,000 hours.
Besides all this, the SMD 4014 are characterized bylow thermal resistance, good thermal dissipation, as well as a high color rendering index. All this makes these bulbs a very attractive option, especially given the current cost. We fight for an ordinary incandescent light bulb for $ 3 ...
Nothing more interesting in appearanceI did not find any bulbs, so it's time to move on to installing them and checking their performance. There were no problems with this. But experimentally, the fact was established that, unlike the previous version, the polarity of these bulbs is unimportant. This is how the envelope shines now:

Dimensions in combination with dipped beam:

The same, larger:

As you can see, there are practically no differences between the light of the size bulb and the xenon dipped bulb. The light is cold white, without any shades. Exactly what I originally wanted
I read that people recommend changing the shunt resistor(increase the resistance), which should lead to an increase in the life of the bulb (due to a decrease in the temperature of heating the diodes), but I did not do anything with them. I'm happy with how everything works. But if the bulbs die quickly, then I will buy the same and do the modifications

So I got rid of them in time. Rather, got rid of one of them, the second was installed in the license plate light. There, the evaporation of silicone does not matter, as does the blue tint of light
So in general, I was satisfied with the purchase andI can highlight the following advantages of this purchase: low cost, good workmanship, bright white light without shades, there is no need to observe the polarity during installation, stable current through the use of the controller, as well as good cooling of the diodes. As a minus, we can highlight the need for refinement in the form of a replacement resistor, but since I did not do this, for me this fact does not matter so far.
That’s probably all. Thank you for your attention and your time.