For Asus Zenfone 5 plastic bumpers with pictures. They look the same, but no ... And the glass on the screen.

Bought in the wake of the crisis (and I'm not alone) to my wifeZenfone5 to replace Lenovo S720, which began to fail. Licked it for a long time, the filling is just super, but reviews about low mobility (read, a weak battery) were embarrassing. 7990 rubles turned out to be 114 euros. This prompted me to buy. He took a white one. Well, it started, but you need a cover and a film and ...
Immediately a request, DO NOT NEED TO BED about the need and uselessness of covers and films !!! I will be minus!
Sorry for the picture of the store in the hat, I didn’t come up with it, so I inserted it myself.
Ordered in the first store-
bumper with a girl with balls, my choice (mind you, I chose more expensive :)).
In the second store-
bumper with a red flower - choice of wife.
Well, now I ordered a protective glass on the screen on e-fuck, there in the search dial 0.3mm 9H Premium Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector for Asus zenFone. For 2.38 dollars.
They arrived suspiciously fast, given the New Year time. For 10 and 19 days. Even the glass did not break :)
Both of transparent plastic which are outsidethe picture is somehow translated. Which is rough to the touch, not soft touch of course, but it lies nicely in the hand, it doesn't seem to slip. Even the chamfers in the speaker and camera holes are painted over. All holes and buttons are available.
a photo

The asus in them is pushed with a click, lies tightly. It should not fall out. The long edges protrude above the screen less than a millimeter - you can put it on a flat surface.

I thought that transparent foundations were made in one basement, but no.
On a bumper with a flower -
1. Button hole incl. and the volume is one big and therefore there is a thin jumper, it seems right now that it will break.
2. no smell was noticed.

On the other, with the girl-
1. The holes are separated and the jumpers are straightforward.
2. The smell of chemistry is present, and not faint. After bathing in cleaning products and lying on the balcony, he did not disappear, but became weaker.

Conclusion, beautiful, girls
I forgot to tell about the glass, thicker than the film, but gluing is much easier! Even if the villus il speck of dust gets, they are not visible. I did not torture them with a hammer and knives.
P.S.That's just a huge request to lovers of naked gadgets, opponents of covers and films, please PASS MIMO. At least you should not post your views on this topic. I always wore smarts in covers and films, and I will always do it. Then the next owner will receive from me the machine is in perfect condition, and I will not be ashamed.
P.S. I apologize, but there will be no dismemberment;)
Thank you for reading. Likes are not necessary. ALL WITH THE UPPER !!!
And by tradition