Additional cigarette lighter socket

In many cars, only one is installedcigarette lighter socket. In some cases, it alone may not be enough. If you can get out in front using a double or extension tee, then back is more difficult with this.
I ordered a socket with a protective cover and a connection wire with a fuse.
A wire with a cross-section of about 1 square mm is enough for 10A 120W.
The protective cover has a latch - it will not rattle during riding. When open, the lid does not wind.

I decided to put an additional socket in the left rear panel next to the regular speaker - there is a trunk luminaire wiring that always has power on.

Gently made a hole with the desired geometry

The fuse in the holder stood at 20A, which is a bit much for a load of up to 120W, and the wiring must be preserved, so it was replaced with a fuse of 10A mini format.

He inserted and snapped the socket into place.

The village nest is very dense, does not stagger, does not fly out.
I screwed the black wire to ground, red to the trunk backlight power circuit.
Pros: now you can put something on the rear shelf for recharging (via the 5V adapter), you can power the refrigerator in the trunk with ice-cream beer, you can connect the compressor, you can use a vacuum cleaner.
In work

Conclusion: a useful thing for car owners with straight arms.