Additional rear view mirror and blind zone d / 75mm. Blind Spot Miror.

I think everyone is familiar with the situation when in the blind zoneIt turns out unnoticed overtaking a car. Since I was going to rest on the lakes in Khakassia, I bought this mirror (for testing) in advance to minimize non-regular situations. Especially right-hand drive cars, but the navigator, in the form of a wife, is always with me. I am satisfied with the purchase, although the price is too big, but I will take one more.
Offline, we have this size of mirror. I don’tI found it, then I selected several options by searching Ali, but I stopped there because of the size that accurately ensures decent visibility of the blind zone, since the size of the regular side ones allows you to place this.
A similar review on smaller mirrors.
An order came in a white bag, and inside a blister with a mirror. I opened the packaging without filming the whole one, I'm sorry.

Appearance. Material is ABS plastic and glass.

On the back side is a strip of double-sided tape.

Comparison in size with the map.

Having wiped the regular mirror with alcohol-containing set the purchase in the upper left corner. Everything fit harmoniously, the view from the passenger seat, now the navigator will see everything, as I used to, from the driver's seat.

An example of visibility. Green indicates the objects visible in the regular mirror, red visible in the wide-angle, there is an effect. .
Another view. Green full-time mirror, red “clean” blind zone, yellow “overtaking”, visually visible car, and its rear in a wide-angle mirror.

The mirror is adjusted on already adjustedby regular rotation of the “glass” of the mirror relative to the glued base (easy fixation with clicks is present). Since the “glass” has walls that are not the same in height, we set the smaller for 8 hours, and the larger for 2 hours, respectively.

Our favorite is curious.

P.s I won’t change the car (yet), do not offer :-)). Thanks to all. He put on gloves, I'm waiting for kicks.