Dual 8GB Micro SD Cards 2014 Micro SD Card 8GB Class 10 Memory Cards Flash Card Micro SDHC Microsd TF Gift Adapter + USB Reader Package MicroData

Two cards of 8 GB came. The volume corresponds, class-no. Details under the cut.
One day, suddenly, two cards were needed. Primarily for recording music. Without thinking twice and not comparing prices offline, throw slippers, they were ordered)
Such specifications were originally announced.
Type of:
TF / Micro SD Card
Model number:
Capacity: 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Complies with specification version 2.00 SD
Universal in combination with an adapter, can be used as a full-sized SD card
Compatible with microSD host devices
Schedule 1 year order
Operating temperature -13? F to 185? F (-25? C to 85 and ordm; C)
Storage temperature -40? F to 185? F (-40? C to 85 and ordm; C)
Voltage 3.3v
Weight 0.05 oz (1.4 g)
1 * plastic retail package
1 * Micro Card
Extra (as a gift):
1 * SD card adapter
1 * TF Card Reader Random Color Received very quickly, in 20 days. Packed in a bag with a layer of bumps. It turned out to be safe and sound.
Packing and packaging


By the way, these card reader adapters are working, without question. It’s very convenient to use it sometimes as a USB flash drive. The only thing is that the card is somehow insecurely fixed, there is no characteristic click. It may get lost.
Two card tests
After recording
She asked a person to drop some large file onto a card ... Threw it off .. Caution censorship!

Something confuses me the last zeros ... Is this something?) Is it really that bad ?!

As you can see, the card size is about 7600 MB
The recording speed ranges from 4.89 to 6.662 MB / s
Reading speed from 16.6 to 18.05 MB / s
As a result, there is enough memory, no speed (Class 10 was declared. But, if I understand correctly, in real life there are only 6.
And now I think, I’m guessing ... To pity the Chinese or ask for compensation ... What do you think? Though lipstick he has to “shake”
Ps I do not understand this (including flash drives). Only redlightgreen is my hope and support)))
Addition: The seller agreed to return 5 bucks and wrote a letter of gratitude for testing his products)))