Another review ... THL 4000

Another, and probably a bit late, reviewthe popular THL 4000 phone. I will try to dwell on some aspects that have not been sufficiently disclosed in other reviews. I’ll try to compare it with a classmate sold offline, as well as with a premium segment phone. And I’ll tell you a long story, which ended with the purchase of this phone. Maybe someone will be interested ...
Long background.

The phone was ordered and paid on 01/05/15 and 01/28/15 I picked it up by mail. 23 days, average delivery time.
Track lovers

Phone Features:
Android 4.4
Processor MediaTek MT6582M, 1300 MHz 4 cores.
Video Processor Mali-400 MP2
4.7 "screen, resolution 540 × 960, multi-touch 5 touches.
5 MP camera, autofocus
microSD slot (TransFlash)
dual SIM support (regular and mini), OTG support
Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, 3G, GPS, A-GPS
4000 mAh battery
weight 184 g, WxHxT 68x140x11.20 mm
Everything arrived in a standard bubble wrap package, inside which there was already a company box.

The contents of the box: smartphone, plastic case, car and network charger, USB cable, wired headset, 8 GB memory card. Grade 6, a card reader and a spare film on the screen.

And here is the phone itself. The form factor is classic, the size is not too big, and the thickness of the case is significant, due to which it is more convenient to hold the edges than any ultra-thin Samsung. In my hand lies perfectly. It is worth adding considerable weight - 184 grams, you need to get used to it, otherwise you can easily drop it with careless taking. A kind of brick, no grace. The case is entirely plastic, the border is made of metal, but in fact it is plastic, the back cover has a scratch-resistant relief coating, but due to this it glides a little. Nothing backlash, no creaks. At the bottom of the screen are touch keys, with very low backlight. However, in complete darkness, they are quite distinguishable, but in the light of the backlight is not needed. The only complaint about the backlighting of the buttons is that it goes out quickly enough, much faster than the screen, and it is not clear where to change it. The ergonomics of the key layout are convenient in my opinion. All three buttons are located on the right side (above the volume rocker, just below the power button), when grabbed with either hand, they are right under your finger. This is more convenient than, for example, in the Phillips w8510, where the power button on top and with one hand to turn on is not convenient. The USB connector and headphone output are on top. A film was already pasted on the phone, and another one was included. The camera eye was also covered with film.

I will not start all possible synthetictests, this is already in excess in other reviews. I will limit myself to AnTuTu. Feels like there is enough work speed in everything. As for the convenience of the interface, it’s difficult for me to judge, since I'm from another camp, but everything is quite convenient, it works smoothly and does not slow down. I didn’t take it for games, and I didn’t plan to conduct game tests, but the games that I started worked without brakes. I think based on the results of AnTuTu at 19,000 points, you can evaluate its multimedia capabilities as sufficient for most tasks.
Test results

While testing this unit, Iturned up Phillips Xenium w8510 with a broken screen. I managed to change the screen and I decided to conduct a comparative test. With Philips, as with a practically classmate, the same Chinese, but from a localized brand, and with my main phone Iphone 5. Yes, yes, you already guessed that the review was written for the sole purpose - to demonstrate iphone 5!
Next will be a more detailed testing and comparison of phones. To save your time and traffic, I divided the review into categories. You can view only those that are interesting.
Let's start from the screen.

Camera (carefully - 15 photos!)




3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS

Despite the fact that he is on almost all frontslost to Phillips, I liked the phone. Maybe due to the fact that I did not expect anything super-prominent from the phone at the price of 3000r (at the time of the very first order). With today's dollar exchange rate, I certainly would not take a phone in China, at least in this price segment, and I would look for something here. I didn’t have to use it as the main phone (I need an adapter for a SIM card), but as a second one it lasted more than a week, with several conversations a day, mail and rare games. I find it very good. During use, there was one glitch, with the display of the percentage of battery charge. It hung at 65% and lasted for several days, though the phone was almost always just in standby mode. Then, when I ran a test on it, he sat down in front of his eyes from 65% to 0 per minute! I had to climb on and put a patch that solves this problem. No more freezes and glitches were noticed. It is quite possible to recommend a smartphone for use as a telephone, moreover, a long-living one, as a navigator, and even a power bank. As a camera, you won’t be able to use it normally, in any case, until you solve the problem with autofocus. For music, it is also not very suitable, unless of course you do not care what to listen to. It's a shame that having conceived a very good phone, the Chinese from THL started saving on trifles. Well, how much did they save on the flash LED? 20-30 cents? And on the charger? A dollar or two. A little better audio path? I don’t know, it seems to me this is also a dime. Autofocus work, obviously a software jamb. In general, adding $ 5 to the prime cost, we could get candy. In the meantime, it can’t be used as the only multimedia device for all occasions.
The review is written to showcase the soul iPhone. Phone bought on their own. This is just my second review, I will be glad to criticize, if possible in PM.

After writing the review, the air cameofficial firmware update that fixes some bugs and optimizes some functions of system. Mysteriously, not true here sort of solved the problem with the update. But I can’t check anymore, since the phone has found its new owner.
- screen
- battery
- camera
- flash
- audio section
- headset.
I almost forgot