Another smartphone is the long-lived THL 5000T Tesla!

The choice
Among low-cost android phones in early 2015 There are 2 models on the market with interesting 5000mah batteries: the thl 5000 and elephone p5000. Philips do not take into account the fact that outside the CIS is not represented. So the other day a newcomer from Thl appeared with the loud name 5000T Tesla. It seems that the 5000T Tesla is the successor to the Thl 5000, but apart from the large battery, there is no charge.
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The seller, not to say in advertising, turned out to be great. Literally on the day of payment, I sent a letter saying that, despite the pre sell, the stock is already in place! After a couple of days, I already had the track NL mail number. As usual, he began calling only after 5 days. And here is a record for you - the package was in transit for only a week. I have never had this before with China! Apparently, the mail load has so far decreased, since the Euro and Hryvnia are down, and the Ruble is only recovering.
The package was packed only with a little bubble. But despite this, the parcel reached little Estonia without traces of football and torture.

Inside, straight progress. As if ordered from a nearby store. Neither pieces of paper in Chinese to you, nor strange chargers crumbling in your hands. The instruction is not a hundredth copy of a copy, but a quite pleasant piece of paper. True, the contents of the instructions are universal for a bunch of models. The charger immediately for our outlets without any adapters. It is written 1.5A. There are no devices to check. But you can figure it out, I charged the battery with 20% for three and a half hours.
Included is a replacement film on the screen. One is already pasted. Headphones “I do not mind the enemy”, an adapter for OTG and a hard case. The cover is generally not usable - with it, the phone climbs beyond any convenient grip.
Outwardly, it immediately struck me that the phonehuge. In my hand lies like my Huawei x3. Although with the line everything seems to be according to the passport. Then it became clear - outwardly it does not seem wide and thick, since the glass of the screen is as if taken out separately from the case. In terms of design, an interesting solution, but when it falls, the chances of breaking the screen increase. The screen, by the way, is not Corning or Dragontail. The edging is made “under the metal”, but the tooth turned out to have colored plastic. The battery cover is made under “emery zero” - rough plastic, at first it’s not familiar, as if you are holding some polystyrene, but then nothing. Weight 183g is a lot. Girls obviously do not like such a device. I do not know how people walk with a lumia 920 or elephone p5000. I do not agree to such torture.

Specification and Performance
product specifications:
Screen Size: 5.0 "
OS: Android 4.4
Type: Touch Screen Phone
CPU Models: MTK6592M
CPU frequency: 1.4GHz
Shell Material: Plastic
Black colour
3G: WCDMA 850MHz, WCDMA 900MHz, WCDMA 1900MHz, WCDMA 2100MHz
2G: GSM 850MHz, GSM 900MHz, GSM 1800MHz, GSM 1900MHz
Screen Type: HD, IPS, 720P, Touch Screen, Capacitive
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Multi-touch: Five Point Multi-touch
Power supply: 5000mAh, Built-in battery, Lithium, one battery, Use it as a power bank
Unlocked: Yes
Screen Lock: Slide, Pattern Unlock, PIN Unlock, Password
Standby: 2 SIM cards 2 Standby
SIM Card: Micro SIM Card, nano SIM Card
Data Transfer: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, HSPA +
Storage: TF card not included, 32GB extended
Rear megapixel camera: 13 MP pixel difference
Front megapixel camera: Front 5.0 MP
Camera Functions: Auto Focus, Flashlight, Continuous Shooting
Sensor: Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor
WIFI: Wi-Fi Hotspot, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
Ports: Charging Port, 3.5mm Audio Jack, TF Card Slot
Tongue: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Greek, Portuguese, Malay, Indonesian, Czech, Croatian, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Thai, Chinese
Installed applications: Gmail, Audio Player, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Flashlight, Email, Clock, Calendar, Calculator, Notebook, World Clock, Stopwatch, Browser, and so on.
Other Functions: Quick Charge, OTG, Message, Notification LED, VPN, Scheduled Power On & Off, FM Radio, Sound Recorder
According to the specifications, you can see the weaknesses of the phone - 1GB of RAM, last year’s chip.
The performance is lower, I never look at benchmarks, but people love them.
While the phone is new, with software installedIt works quickly, but as practice shows, the android starts to slow down after half a year of use. In the future, only 1GB of RAM will contribute to these brakes.
I liked the manufacturer’s approach to the phone -No Chinese programs, Play Market is worth it. Turn it on and on. Almost "bare" android version 4.4.2. The fifth version will not be, mtk6592M was not calculated under lollipop. You can install programs directly to the memory card. This is very good, because the internal memory is only 8GB. Of these, only 2GB for software. Somehow it's strange.
When playing asphalt 8, I took off the lid to see where and how it was being heated. Heating exactly under the tray for the first SIM card. With the lid on, it feels, but less.

The screen “there are not enough stars from the sky.»I didn’t have enough juiciness of shades. There is no stock in brightness either. Burns out in the sun - nothing is visible. From pluses - at an angle there is no distortion or dimming of color. HD resolution.

The phone has one speaker on the back. The gentlemanly volume is limited, when watching a video, it even seemed to be a little lacking. Well done THL, trying to get away from the legacy of "screaming" the entire Chinese Ivanovo with resonating speakers. By the way. If you lay on the bed, of course you don’t hear anything! The sound is loud in the headphones, I checked the quality of Jabra sport and cheap Philips. Let's just say podcasts and books - no problem. With music, everything is subjective here. There is a radio and you can record on the fly.
Omnivision ov13850 main camera module. Honestly, I do not like this company. Their crown trick is blue, pink spots. And then poor forums users try to solve these problems. The samples below show that everything somehow faded. Yes, the weather was unlucky, but this does not justify the camera. She's frankly mean. Well, to at least somehow praise, we can say that it is not feolet. With sharpness and focus, everything is fine. In the dark, I liked the color rendering (night mode).
Full size photo archive on Yandex here
Compressed Examples

The front camera is ordinary. It does not reach fashionable phones with cool wide-angle front lenses.

Video records in Full HD 30 frames. With a sharp movement, the image floats completely

In the car, the device recorded the locationin about 1 minute. This is a good result, although it sees only 11 satellites. Apparently, there is still progress, and MTK is moving away from the legacy of satellite search for half an hour. There is also a fix in the room, but with less accuracy in positioning (second screen). When using Nokia Here (free navigator) did not jump off the road.
GPS operation

That is why they created this unit. The battery is officially fixed, under the iron frame.
In one day of its normal use, it took 30%.
Scenario - Call Clock, Mail Syncturned on, data transfer too, Bluetooth turned on in the car, GPS half an hour. Plus a bit of surfing for coffee and tea. With the same scenario with Huawei 3x (3000mah, 5.5 “screen), it took almost 2 times less.
This is good, so the manufacturer did not lie that5000mah battery. Yes, and why? This is the fourth long-lived device in their piggy bank (thl 4000, thl 4400, thl 5000). I think they took into account some points. For example, they installed a less productive version of the mtk6592 processor, i.e. mtk6592M. When charging (three and a half hours) the phone became barely noticeable warm. The manufacturer puts the emphasis that they installed a graphite plate for proper heat mode, but is it so, you can check by unscrewing 14 bolts. I didn’t. Antutu battery test modestly rated this device best of all. Time will tell.
For an incomplete battery test, please do not kick, you need to be like a week or two. Unsubscribe in the comments and in the profile forum 4pda.

My opinion
The device plays on the field with competitors in the segmentup to 150USD. There are not many chances, since all manufacturers are moving to the new mtk6732 platforms with the latest versions of android and 4g on board. Apparently, hundreds of thousands of 2014 chips remained in warehouses. For many, this will be a decisive factor in choosing a device. A cool battery modestly go by the wayside.
I won’t leave myself, although I took it on mine. I will give a good man.
By the way, at about the same price category there is a lenovo p70. And the first reviews show that the thl 5000t does not have much trump cards. Look for it.
Plus minus
+ Nice appearance (no soap, no brick)
+ European localization (charger immediately under our sockets, no Chinese software, Play market)
+ information diode about missed events
- no backlight for on-screen buttons
- no 4G
- OS is unlikely to update
- 1GB of RAM
- On-screen film in one day lost its presentation
PS THL - Technology for a happy life (translated by Google)