Focusing Screen for Canon EOS 550D 650D 600D 700D 1100D + Self-Replacement

Once, when replacing the lens, focusingthe screen of my Canon 600D hit a speck of dust, which I decided to gently brush away with a brush. There it was)) With every attempt to brush off a speck of dust on the focusing screen, more and more dust remained. Moreover, black villi from the brush began to stick, and the LEDs confirming the focus no longer blinked as brightly as before.
It was decided to order a new focusing screen.
The order was placed on March 19, on the 24th it was accepted by China Post, and on April 8 it was waiting for me at the Russian Post Office in St. Petersburg, i.e. 3 weeks have passed since the order was placed.
Tracked the order using the Russian Post application:

At the post office they handed me a box, the dimensions of which surprised me (145x105x80mm):

Inside was a bundle of bubble wrap:

In which there was a bag in which there was a piece of paper, in which the focusing screen was wrapped))

The screen itself looks like this:

So, the scope of delivery: 1 pc focusing screen.
Suitable for models: Canon EOS 550D 650D 600D 700D 1100D
Number of Focus Points: 9
The focusing screen is no different from the original.
I checked the focus on each point - it works fine, I did not find any problems.
In no case do not touch it with your hands, and indeed do not need to take it out of the package once again. In case of dust - use a special bulb.