Photo backpack Lowepro slingshot 350 AW

Hello! This is my first review, so keep that in mind.
I'm a little fond of photography, nothingserious pampering. I do not have a fleet of optics, flashes and other equipment, only Fuji x10 and a little detail for it. But ... At some point in time, I was faced with the fact that there were a lot of different trifles and problems began to arise with its storage and search. From the banal: “Where am I doing charging?”, To the search for some kind of suddenly needed filter.
Yes, I have a small bag in which the camera will fit and something else, but recently it has become frankly missed, so it was decided to purchase a backpack.
After spending a couple of nights watching reviews and looking at prices, several suitable options were chosen.
The backpack was needed primarily as a container forstorage of all available photo accessories in one place, and for the opportunity to take them all with you at once, so that at the right time everything is at hand. It should have been not too small and not too big. To fit into it what is already there, and what else is likely to appear. Plus, I’m thinking about acquiring a new camera, so this point was also taken into account.
As a result, the choice fell on the Lowepro SlingShot 350 AW.
Ordered, waited, unpacked ...
Here is what we have:

Big photo

Photo on me

Impressions exceeded expectations. The material looks and feels good, the seams are good. There is no feeling of cheap stuff, everything is at a decent level.

A 15 "laptop fits nicely in its department.
The waist belt of this model is a definite plus, as you cannot walk with a shoulder strap alone for a long time, your shoulder will be very tired.
Rain cover is also a good thing.

There is also such a rag, apparently it’s microfiber to wipe the camera’s display.
The backpack is more likely for seriousamateur photographer, but also for my purposes is perfect. In general, the purchase is more than satisfied. Unless his dimensions are somewhat larger than I expected, for some reason it seemed that he was smaller.
Perhaps this is all, thank you for your attention! -)