Good selfie monopod

Hello. Closer to summer, I want to capture all the beautiful moments. To get better photos and videos, I decided to buy a monopod for myself. It can be used for selfies and more.
He arrived record fast.

Arrived as always in a yellow pimple bag.

Parcel size.

The monopod itself was packed in a yellow box with some information.

It looks decent, especially at that price. Nothing backlash, strong metal.
Dimensions of the device itself.

The weight of the monopod itself is 274 grams.
The handle of this device consists of rubber (On the seller’s website, the photo is a little inaccurate, there the handle is made of some kind of foam rubber). Rubber is certainly not worse, it is comfortable to hold, it does not slip.

There is also a wrist strap.

At the end of the handle is a hole for attaching to tripods or other devices.

On the aluminum bar is the logo of the device.

Three clips - four positions. The clips are not flimsy, the plastic is tight.

The angle of the so-called head itself can be adjusted. There are four positions.

Included is a frame for smartphones. My “Xiaomi Mi4” is holding well enough. Doesn’t jump anywhere.

Also on the monopod there is a mirror in order to see beautiful faces if you photograph with a regular camera without an external display.

A frame for smartphones or another device is screwed to the monopod using a plastic ring.

My impression of the monopod is purely positive. Let's see how it shows itself in use. The only thing that did not suit me a bit was the size when folded - I would like a little shorter, 10-15 centimeters.
Monopod footage.

All positive.