Tomahawk TW 9010 Alarm Keychain Replacement History

After the 5th fall, my old keychain was sealed with super glue, because when it fell, it crumbled into spare parts. It is surprising that the LCD screen did not crash - but it stopped glowing long before the falls.
It was decided to buy a new keychain, although the old one worked - but sometimes drove, stupidly did not open the car! You press the button and nothing happens, even closely standing next to the car!
The second trouble of the old keychain was the backlight, or rather its absence! Moreover, this trouble was still with the purchase of a car-)
Well, I started scouring for a replacement. 1,500 rubles for the original keychain in an auto electronics store. At the same time, upon close examination, he was no different from the keychain acquired in China. On free bulletin boards, the cost of the keychain is from 900 rubles to 1250 rubles. while for 900 you need to wait a few days!
And then, quite by accident, I saw a lot in Ali, especially since it was sold at a discount for $ 14.70
The package arrived fast enough.

The keychain is well registered and works great.