Which thickness gauge to choose on Aliexpress: All-sun EM2271 or GM200, instructions for use and review of the Chinese device for measuring the thickness of paint on a car

Hello everyone friends! I was faced with the problem of the upcoming purchase of a car, namely in the choice of a paint thickness gauge. I’m not a car expert, I don’t change cars like gloves, I don’t need professional and expensive equipment.
He began the search in the nearest car market and from the prices seen for analogues, goosebumps ran. Googled the next evening and found severaloptions with Alliexpress. These were the All-sun EM2271 and a slightly cheaper analogue of the GM200. After watching the reviews and reading the reviews, I first decided to take the second. It seemed to me more functional. A review of it is here on the site here is a link. But after an evening of thought, I looked at this All-sun EM2271 baby and eventually bought it.
I placed the order, pay, and after 18 days I have a small box in my hands, open it and see:

Packing from thick cardboard, the device itself is protected by a little bubble, the instruction is in Russian. This is the whole set, as you can see no calibration plates, there are no covers here.
You do not need to calibrate the thickness gauge, took it out of your pocket and use it, that it shows the most interesting thing, but more on that later.
The device is made of nice plastic. The case does not hold together and does not play. There is a lace, so as not to drop or lose it. On the front of the device there are only two buttons, Test and Unit.

The Test button is used to reset the data received inthe result of the measurement, and the Unit button changes the units. Both buttons are rubberized, do not sink and are easily pressed. On the front is a measuring sensor and it looks like this:

As you already noticed, there is no button on the caseon off. The device turns on when you press any of the two buttons, and turns off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity. At the back is a battery compartment. Everything is very compact and simple, the battery uses a "coin" such as in most car key chains and watches.

Moreover, the battery is included and whenThe first start will need to get it in order to remove the plastic lock, which limits the power so that it does not sit down. What is called thoughtfully to the smallest detail.
Measurement process
To start measuring the thickness of the paintworkcoating, remove the plastic plate in the compartment for the battery, turn on the device and select the unit of measurement. The device operates in two modes mm millimeters. and milliliters ml. I chose millimeters, for me the measurements obtained in this mode were more accurate.
Looking ahead, I want to note what to carry outmeasuring on a wet or dirty car is pointless. The process itself is elementary, we lean the device strictly horizontally to the surface of the body and look at the readings:

The results obtained on different cars maywill differ. But the value should always remain within 4-5. I tested the device on my car both before and after the purchase, literally immediately finding painted parts. What the whole video was recorded about.

Summing up, I want to briefly say about the pros and cons of the device:
Of the obvious advantages:
- easy to use
- very compact size with matchbox, weighs only 23 grams
- shows exactly, no need to calibrate
- low price
Of the minuses, although rather these are small flaws
- does not make a characteristic sound at the end of the measurement
- does not measure plastic parts
I did not find other shortcomings. Regarding the sound, such an opportunity would quickly drain the battery, but measurements on plastic are more of a myth than reality, even expensive analogs do not know how to do this, which is not surprising.
Personally, the device helped me a lot, with it II found an unbroken car and protected myself from huge costs in case of an unsuccessful choice. After all, it is no secret that bodywork is by far the most expensive.
I hope that my experience will be useful for someone, I am writing a review for the first time, I will be glad to any criticism and questions in the comments. Have a nice day, everyone! Until next time friends.