Compact wireless bluetooth keyboard with touchpad

I somehow got an 8 "tablet on Windows 8.1. Not that I really needed it, although I thought about buying a used 10-11 "netbook, because there is occasionally a need for a mobile computer. After a short use of the tablet, I realized that for me this option is preferable to a netbook because more mobile. But there was one problem - the lack of a physical keyboard. Therefore, I decided to buy some kind of keyboard, preferably with bluetooth, so that I would not have to bother with the receiver.
After reviewing the reviews on the music and sorting through the bluetooth keyboards on aliexpress and some other sites, I settled on a compact keyboard with backlight and a built-in touchpad.

The keyboard arrived for an average period of about 3.5 weeks. The packaging is good. The box of the keyboard itself was slightly crushed, but the contents were not damaged.

In the box except the keyboard itself was still briefinstruction and micro USB cable for charging. Also in the transparent plastic tab there is a place for the adapter, it may be a modification of this keyboard without bluetooth.

Although the box claims a weight of 75 g, it is actually a little more.

The indicators - connection status, low charge, charging and caps lock - are quite bright, but they do not cause discomfort.

On the back of the keyboard are its brief characteristics.

The instructions are described in more detail.

When turned on, the keyboard briefly lights upbacklight keys and looking for a paired device. Connection is very fast, no more than a second or two. To connect to a new device, you need to press the button with the bluetooth logo and find the keyboard from the tablet / phone.
In general, I liked the keyboard, although for my fingers it’s a bit small.

Touchpad with multi-touch - for example, there is a two-finger scroll. But due to the relatively small area, this is not very convenient. The backlight is good.

I also did not mention the Cyrillic alphabet. This is not important for me, because even though I don’t have perfect blind typing, I remember the location of the keys by heart.
Together with the tablet:

It's funny, but I’ve been using the keyboard for over a month and have never charged it - it still works on Chinese electricity
= pluses =
+ light and thoughtful;
+ built-in touchpad;
+ conveniently duplicated mouse buttons on the ends;
+ there is a backlight;
+ no adapter needed.
= cons =
- need smaller fingers.