Compact 4G LTE modem, aka wifi router.

Hello! Happy New Year! Moving away from the New Year ... holiday, I’ll try to tell you about a convenient device for organizing stable WiFi coverage where you need it, and, of course, there is mobile communication. A vacation trip to a country house or to a forest recreation center, in modern realities, is no longer possible without the Internet. It just so happened that even while in the forest, I want to congratulate my relatives on the holiday through video communication, as well as share photos. As you understand, I tested the modem in the conditions of poor reception of communication, where it is hardly 3G and sure, in the conditions of 4G LTE.

From the seller’s page
Dimensions: 109 mm * 60 mm * 20 mm
Processor: Qualcomm 9200.9600.8909.
Peak Speed: Download: 150 Mbps, Upload: 50 Mbps
Wifi: support 802.11b / g / n
Sharing: support for up to 10 users
Battery: 2400 mAh lithium battery / 8.88Wh / 3.7 V
4G support at the same time: FDD-LTE / TDD-LTEF
Standby time: Standby time more than 50 hours, steady work more than 8 hours
Systems: B1 / B2 / B5 / B8, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE
Network Standard + Range Support:
4G: FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B7
TDD-LTE B38 / B39 / B40 / B41: 2555-2655 MHz
3G: TD-SCDMA B34 / B39
WCDMA B1 / B2 / B5 / B8
CDMA2000 BC0
Packing and packaging
Comes in a box with wood coloring

Well the box says we are dealing with WiFi

Well, 4G LTE

There is a sticker with a model on the side of the box

Back specifications

We are opened by packaging, instructions in CHINESE and a charging cable

This is all good under the spoiler to reduce the review.
Additional Information

And inside the seal is the router modem itself in a bag

Let's move on to the modem itself
The modem is made of white plastic and has a display area framed by black glossy plastics.
The display is conditional, because in fact there are only status LEDs

From the right side there are 2 buttons on / off and quick connect WPS

From above nothing

Below there is a groove in order to pick up the cover and open the modem

And on the left there is a microUSB connector to charge the device and another hole for installing the lace

4GLTE written on the back of the cover

We are going further. open the lid

Battery claimed at 2400mAh

For lovers of measuring batteries
Additional Information

Here's what's under the battery

There is a slot for a full sim card

We can also see a slot for a microSD card and a reset button

Nothing interesting on the other hand

For completeness, measure the modem itself
Additional Information

But for some reason, weighed the device with akk and ak separately

Let's go to operation
The modem turns on by long pressing the power button
The battery icon turns red when the router boots up, turns blue, then turns purple when it is connected to the network

On the display we see 4 icons: cellular, battery, connected devices, WiFi status
Wifi light blinks when network is in use
WiFi is easy, connect, enter the password 1234567890

To configure the router, connect to the address

admin user
admin password
Settings are commonplace
There is a choice of preferred networks. I made speed measurements in all of them below.
You can see who is online on Mac addresses
Configure network and dialers yes APN

You can look at the statistics

Well, there is help

In the measurements of our local MEGAFON, which supposedly knows how to 4G

This speed is confirmed by measurements from mobile devices.
Allows you to watch vidosiki from YouTube in 1920 * 1080

And here are the WiFi level measurements compared to mi Router PRO
Connect to wifi

I'm leaving the router
3 m from the router

20 m from the router

45 m from the router

This is how he moved away from home

Winter reigns)))
In general, it is possible to use the router not as WiFi, but as a USB router
We insert into USB in the PC under Windows 10
Drive is detected

Install software

After each launch, there is a preload of Po (not from the Internet)

That's the software itself, everything is trivial and the settings are few, like standard programms from OPSOS.
The only caveat is that the modem needs to be switched from WiFi mode to USB mode

And also if you insert a microSd card, you can use the device as a USB flash drive

Well, copy speed

Now let's see what's inside.
So to speak, get to Qualcom
Dismantling under the spoiler, so as not to clutter
Additional Information

The modem router has a very good receptionconnection, the village allowed to be online, although there is a bad reception. Internet speeds are largely due to data from the local OPSOS, therefore, so to speak, what they are rich in and happy with.
The router can support up to 10 connected devices and have a connection speed of up to 150 mbps
By the way, the battery of the router is enough for about 10 hours
And during charging 2600 mAh flowed into it

At the reception limit, the speed drops very much at 45 meters, it is barely barely updated ... Well, this is not an "adult" router.
For the money, a great device. But I can’t tell you about the TTL change wire to circumvent OPSOS restrictions. Those times have passed, thank God, when I sewed modems, now thank God is not required. Found the right tariff.
But by disassembling, we see what kind of hardware, so if you only look for third-party firmware, I do not think that the manufacturer of the subject will update it.
I use this modem in the village.
It is convenient to take it when traveling to nature, and it is also easy to place it at a point of less or less constant reception of communications and distribute WiFi to other devices.
That's all! If you have any questions, ask in the comments.