Compact wallet with magnetic closure

Overview of a very compact wallet that can accommodate 4 plastic cards and 10-12 bills.
Hello, however!
I have long been visited by the idea of ​​purchasing an additional wallet. Will explain.
Extra because the main wallet inwhich cash, bank cards, car docks and rights, discount and club cards, all kinds of weedy checks and pieces of paper, I can’t neglect, because of its spaciousness and functionality. But it is not always convenient to get, for example, in public transport, or to carry with you from work in a cafe.
For these purposes, I decided to purchase a compact wallet, in addition to the main one.
I really liked the model of the purse “The Frenchie Co”, the review on such a wallet is even on the muska, but the price tag is too repulsive. On $ 79.00
And again, my gaze fixed on aliexpress. Pretty quickly, I found something that met my requirements for this accessory. Compact, suitable form factor, inexpensive.
At this point in time, the wallet has been in use for almost 4 months. It performs its functions successfully. Due to its compactness, it does not cause inconvenience both in outerwear, and in a jacket and jeans.
General form
Dimensions 95x75x7 mm when folded empty.

When unfolded, the length is 207 mm.

The inside, designed for business cards / plastic cards, is hemmed from the bottom, is no longer attached. She plays the role of a kind of clip for notes.


And now, the comic:
We insert the bills and close the wallet, so that his right ... uh ... what should I call it? part! ended up on top

Like this

This will allow us to quickly remove bills.
Choose the right amount of bills and pull them away from the wallet


Plastic cards are placed in it 4 pieces, 2 in each pocket. This is if without fanaticism. So they are easily removed and put back.
If the bills are more than 12, the force of attraction of the magnets may no longer be enough and the wallet will not close. You can’t argue with physics, it’s not for a large number of notes.
Material - imitation leather. Soft enough. The inner part is fleecy, similar to real dressed skin.
For 4 months of operation has not undergone visiblechanges. No scratches or damage. The wallet was worn in pockets, including with keys, trifles and other differences. Also, the wallet was in a backpack in which God knows what is generally worn. And yet. Appearance in the photo.
To summarize: For me, this wallet is exactly what I was looking for. Inexpensive, functional (to the extent possible), convenient.
Thanks for attention!
PS: I almost forgot, for even greater clarity I shot a short video. Better to watch without sound. I don’t know how I was guided in choosing the track, but obviously not with a sense of beauty.