Compact USB 3.0 HUB ORICO with OTG

Continuing the theme with ORICO USB HUB. This time, the hero of the review lost the aluminum gloss, but acquired OTG. There will be pictures and measurements, there will be no dismemberment again, alas. Who cares - welcome under cut
As I said earlier, this hub was ordered in a bunch of ORICO hubs and chargers, which I will review as far as I can. I took this hub for myself, so I chose it with the OTG tail - more universally, plus there are thoughts to put the tablet in the car, but without OTG there is nothing. USB 3.0 is not needed there, but what it is.
So - the standard ORICO package (brown cardboard, white shell, inside the device in a white bag, instructions and booklet.

The dimensions of the device are 86 * 30 * 22mm, three USB 3.0 connectors on the top, one from the end, one with a 220mm cable from the other, a tail with microUSB 100mm long leaves the USB 3.0 connector.
Testing, like last time, performedflash drive on 16Gb and HDD 750Gb. Last time, reasonable questions arose - how did it happen that the speeds through the hub are higher. There was an assumption that when removing reference indicators, the computer was loaded with archiving, which affected the results. I measured the reference indicators for a flash drive, the results became more reasonable.

When connected to a phone (Honor 6), it is stably detected and works correctly with a flash drive, with a screw, of course, no - not enough power. There is no external power.
When parsing all devices from ORICO divided themin two parts - sealed and plastic pull-on pins. This one was sealed up and, despite the fact that it was “for my beloved”, he didn’t dismantle it. The next piece of iron will be with a dismemberment, do not worry
The bottom line is, as usual, a simple, neat, high-quality hub from a well-known manufacturer. I recommend.