Designer Batmobile - a great copy of Lego

Great inexpensive designer. The quality of the dice is quite at a dubious level, significantly higher than the same slab and the city of masters. And if you recently hooked a coupon for 5 from $ 25, then this price is generally beyond competition.
The wife took this constructor 11.11, cost around 1099r.
Now the seller costs it much more (probably just out of stock), while an elementary search gives already much more interesting prices, say here and here. On the other hand, this seller has many other good designers.
My son is a huge Lego fan, this is the casewhen he’s no longer interested in any toys at all. I'm tired of buying some new designers, because he collects them once, then they go into the analysis to a huge common heap of parts.
But you need to give something to ng, but here it seems that the reviews were not bad, and the price. They took a chance and definitely did not lose.
Delivery took about 3 weeks. So, alas, it’s already too late to order for ng now, but you never know, suddenly someone has a birthday in winter, and so it will not be amiss in reserve, so as not to buy an original unpretentious lego from fifty for the same amount.
Just a package, with five more small packages and instructions. You can take it with a box, but this must be paid extra. And I just bulk, you can close your eyes to it.

The instruction is thick, clear, although stillsomewhat inferior to Lego, it would be worth it to show in some cases where to put the cubes, the child may not understand this. But in the same slogan, the quality of the press is definitely worse.

What else to say, everything is tight, not backlash. Where it is necessary to move - it moves, where it is necessary to turn - it turns. The problem was only with one small detail, next to the gun - one moving flap did not hold. But since I just have a breakthrough in details, there is something to replace.
I assembled the designer in about an hour, without any difficulties. A child from 4-5 years old will be able to do this himself with minimal help from adults (there are a couple of little things there that he simply can overlook).

Perhaps there’s nothing more to add and to whomit can be interesting to watch the video - everything is somewhat more complete (and I would be grateful if you subscribe to the channel - I decided to upload short 1-2min videos with the next crafts every day).

Yes, I saw more interesting Lepin constructors. If anyone dealt with them, tell me, what is the quality there? I was disappointed in the sludge and I can’t recommend it, but this Decool from the review proved to be excellent, but Lepin has some interesting sets, for example this.