Designer for little fidgets.

Good day! I want to share my joy about the acquisition of such wonderful entertainment for small (and not so) fidgets. In short, I’ll say that the designer requires spatial thinking and imagination, it’s pretty well executed, very bright, but has small details (balls), so I would not recommend it to kids at all. I ask everyone interested under cat.
A little background: my five-year-old kid terribly loves all kinds of designers and in general all of which you can build something. Usually absolutely everything is used: from lego, cubes, metal designers to father's tools, self-tapping screws, bolts and planks. We wanted to please the child with something not quite ordinary, bright and attractive. Since we did not find anything new in the stores, we decided to try our luck in the vastness of Ali. This constructor attracted attention, they found it in two versions: out of 105 parts and 56, if I am not mistaken. The first attempt to order was not successful, because the seller, referring to the fact that the goods ended, refused to send him. We ordered it from another seller and after 46 days the goods were received by us. The box was packed in a completely ordinary bag, even without pimples, it came terribly rumpled, with Chinese characters on it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t preserved, because it was inconvenient to store the game in it.
And so the hero of the review himself:
designed for the construction of seven slides (I haveto assemble them so that each element was never involved). The quality of the plastic is excellent, there are no extraneous odors, the colors are bright, saturated, the balls are glass, but not like they were in our childhood, but less.
Photo Balls

or for comparison with a magnetic constructor
more balls

Here are some more photos:
directly constructor

Well, the conclusions: absolutely wonderful entertainment for different ages, a good simulator for spatial thinking and imagination, excellent product quality. The only negative is the size of the balls, it is dangerous for small children to play with such.
I recommend to buy!
P.S. Please do not kick for the lack of video, I can’t post it.