Lepin constructors - Lego clones

Overview of the three Lepin constructors: walker (lepin 05032), fighter jets (Lepin 050320) and lava smasher (Lepin 14003).
Excellent quality copies of the same Lego constructors.
Lego has many fake clones of varying degrees of quality. For example, Sluban and the “City of Masters” are widely sold in our stores. The quality of these designers is no longer a fountain.
Fortunately, there are high-quality budget copies of Lego - decool, Lepin and some other company, forgot the name)
in general, I decided to buy my son Shagokhod, the remaining two review designers ordered a friend.
Here is what happened.
The store is new, the seller turned out to be sociable andnot spoiled by many sales. She answered instantly. I made a small discount to me, so that by any other way through negotiations I think it’s quite realistic to slightly reduce the price of some product to the minimum on Ali.
The store still has insta + facebook, in the search drive “Lepinblocks”
Delivery turned out to be SDEKOM, which is good for me, but it may be unacceptable in those settlements where there is no SDEK. So it’s worth it to clarify with what service he is going to send.
The packaging is good. The designers arrived in a large cardboard box, where inside, in three different packages, the ordered designers were ordered.
If we talk about the packaging of each designerin general, it does not exist as such: just a set of bags with details and instructions. At first I decided that the parts were dismantled without any system, but I was mistaken. And although the bags, unlike the lego, are not numbered, which complicates the assembly of large designers, it is worthwhile to pour out the details from them in separate piles - they are still sorted out in similarity: that is, in one the smallest ones, in the other large square ones etc.
Quality and completeness The quality is excellent. For example, the Slubanovsky aircraft carrier was completely in the gaps, did not hold well and simply went for spare parts. Details of the tram from the "City of Masters" turned out to be higher than the original. Lepin has, as previously written in the comments, the chic quality of the parts with complete coincidence.
At the walker, only in 2 shields the diameter of the holes in the middle turned out to be a fraction of a millimeter wider than necessary, so they do not really hold. It's good that these are secondary details.
In the rest of the designers, everything is as it should.
Regarding the configuration - there is just enough, each designer comes with a small margin of parts.
In my case, the walker did not have 3x 2 pipesflat block. But during the assembly, two children were sitting nearby and I was more than once sure that there was no other part either. As a result, she was either under the table, or already assembled with some other. In the morning, for example, I found a cross pin that yesterday was considered missing from the kit. So everything is fine here.
Well and most importantly, the designers!
one) Walker Lepin 05032
Gorgeous. Consists of 3 parts. many moving parts. If anyone loves to collect (and I saw in the coffin these 3-5 hour marathons from collecting parts, so that my son would then take them apart for "but let's do something else"). The gun shoots very far.

2) lava smaher - Rides as it should, the pistons extend.

3) Fighters Lepin 05030
They are quite interesting. One even has elastic bands so that the middle part travels along the grooves and shoots from the cannon.
The quality is good, the equipment is complete.
If you build Lego in joy - you will be satisfied. I killed 3-4 hours on assembly and there is no desire to repeat this marathon more.

The last two are quite easy to assemble, master andchild from 4-5 years old (provided that he has experience and interest). It is better to collect the walker with the help of an adult. Personally, I’ve made mistakes there more than once and had to redo it; there is a certain number of complex nodes.
General impressions. The son is very satisfied. it is clear that in a week he will nevertheless sort the walker under some pretext. But it is better to let the same half the price of the original ones be added to the pile of cubes.
The quality is excellent, the child is happy because it is interesting to collect, I am happy because I managed to save money, and as a result I got the same thing.
Now, I’m thinking of buying in reserve from the heels, tobirthdays, new year and other holidays. But probably it will be relatively simple designers, walker and fighters were difficult enough that even I, an adult, made mistakes there.
And, in general, for a long time I have played enough with Lego. These three designers were enough to discourage all the desire to collect them further, it’s a dreary lesson for an amateur. The son of these, but I haven’t.
UPD if you write in the order comment that it is from fatjoe, then the 3-4 percent product will still be discarded.