A copy of the iPhone 6 from China - plastic, discouraged, angrily.

In the minds of many consumers, the word "Chinesephone ”is still associated with a low-grade product, most often - a copy of some Nokia with the mandatory inscription NokLa or iPhone with the inscription LPhoHe and other variations. You and I certainly know that this has not been so for a long time. Well, or usually not so ...
Today, in a short conversation, we have a representative of that very basement of China in a proud "apple" building.
Background. I have a nephew, about 14 years old. Well, in general, at the very beginning of a difficult age. Well, now we are clearly growing the generation of "show off". And Ponte is more expensive than money. He has known for a long time that I am fond of Chinese phones - he recently received the Doogee DG800, which was soon drowned. And before that, I went with the Zopo ZP300 + for six months, which disappeared in the hands of someone else's. Well, you already realized that he didn’t want to buy expensive phones anymore (the experiment with Iphone 4 for 15 thousand was broken by broken glass on the 5th day of use), and the boy was hunting “show-offs”. As a result of the election, between the excellent in most sense Jiayu G4s and a copy of an iPhone called Goophone i6 I chose ... Goophone.
Next, the seller was selected on Aliexpress,which users seem to have already bought something and are satisfied + the seller assured of the “original goophone”. Well, the order is made, and then ... Immediately after payment I clarified, but you send exactly how I ordered the silver Goophone with an apple and a metal case, but a quad-core processor and 1 GB memory?
Chinese devil seller remained silent for a day, afterwhich answered "no, this is a plastic phone! You will like it! ”And provided the track. Having warned him that I would check ALL the declared characteristics, I began to wait ...
Promised Features:
Screen 4.7 inch multi-touch, 1280 * 720 resolution.
Processor MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3 GHz
Memory 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM
One nanoSIM, GSM 800/850/1800 / 1900MHz / WCDMA 2100MHz
Camera 13 megapixel main, 2 megapixel front, face tracking, autofocus
Appearance and packaging

The phone comes in a box, as much as possiblesimilar to the original. Almost all the inscriptions are copied at the back, so it seems like a 128 GB phone, and indeed the Iphone Iphone. The problem is that the print quality is poor - the letters are blurry, and the "bulge" on the front of the box is crookedly offset from the edges of the box.

Inside we have a standard kit from Iphone. The paper clip is very soft, easily bends. Headphones of disgusting quality, blood from the ears did not leak, but it is better to throw it away right away. The control unit on the headphones does not work ...

The protagonist of our review is undoubtedly very, very similar to the Iphone. Otherwise, hardly anyone would have bought it, of course.
Let's start in order.

The front of the smartphone is the only onea plastic button under the screen, on top is a voice speaker and front camera. The screen is large and bright, there are no nitpicking. According to my feelings, the screen is covered with plastic, the finger does not slide well on the surface, fingerprints quickly appear on the screen, and it does not merge into a single black surface, as on the original.

Touch ID does not work, here it is a regular plastic button. Comments are redundant.

The back cover is entirely plastic. There are metal versions of why the Chinese decided to trick me - I don’t know. Plastic of good quality, painted high quality. All inscriptions on the back correspond to the original, but ...
Apple does not have this color, the shade is completely different. The color of the inserts on the lid is completely dirty brown, even “swamp-poop”.
Also, the camera eye is located behind, it protrudes slightly above the body, which is bad. There is also a flash and a hole simulating a microphone. Just a hole in the case, yes.

On the left side of the smartphone are volume control buttons, including a key
off-on silent mode. On the right side is the power-unlock key. All keys are actively dangling from side to side, the course of pressing is soft, pleasant.

Also on the right is a tray under the SIM card, it is pulled out only with a paper clip. Also plastic.

The top face is pristine. Bottom - headphone jack 3.5 mm, Lightning connector (the cable in the kit is just that, not microUSB) and the speaker is very tolerable quality.
The phone’s dimensions almost coincide with the original, here it is 137.5 * 67.0 * 7.2 (original 138.1? 67? 6.9 mm), the weight of the smartphone is only 121 grams (original 129).
Screen The screen here is with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, according to the seller, with HD resolution. As I said, the screen is covered with ordinary plastic. And the real resolution is not HD, but qHD (960 * 540) + the screen supports only 2 touches ...
The screen itself is not so bad, the colors are quite juicy, they are not distorted at the corners, there is even a brightness adjustment.

Further screen comparison with Iphone 6 and with Jiayu G4s
Screen and photo comparison at angles

Battery Battery is not removable.
There is no information from the seller about the capacity. According to my feelings, the battery capacity is somewhere around 1600-1800 mAh. It should be enough for the day of torment
work with the phone.

Communication capabilities Standard indicators for MTK are 3G, BlueTooth 4.0, GPS.
There is only one SIM card, nanoSIM format (as in the original).
The reception is sure, there are no problems with disconnection.
Works like standard GPS on MTK, no better and no worse.
I give a screenshot of the track when driving on a flat road with open space.

Memory and memory card The seller announced 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory for applications. On the box it says about 128 GB, in tests - 64 GB is built-in ...
In fact, the RAM is 512 MB, and the built-in memory is actually 8 GB. There is no support for memory cards indiscriminately.

Camera Here I want to cry, my Sony Ericsson K750, and even the Siemens CX75 in 2004 shot better!
Who is not afraid for your psyche - see the spoiler
Photo examples

There are not many photos, but I think everything is clear with the camera.
I did not test the front camera and video because of the fear of causing the Chinese devil by launching the application.
Performance and Tests CPU herereally MT6582 and this is the only advantage of the device. He drags all the pluses on himself. The rest is an epic fake. He brought only 2 tests to reflect the reality of iron in the device.

Interface and system The Chinese are krivoruky trying to make the interface as similar as iOs.
It almost even happened. But the system from the inside reminds us of those wonderful phones from the past with a terrible translation. Inside, by the way, we have Android 4.3.
Some of the menu items simply do not work or leadgoing nowhere. For example, iCloud is an item that allows you to enter your mail and password, but nothing else happens. The Control Center is responsible for enabling screen locks and applications. The mysterious Carrier clause does not include anything at all. Touch ID seems to read your fingerprint, but in fact the phone can be unlocked by simply pressing the button repeatedly with any part of the body, including not your own. Touch ID does not work, in general.
And in general, since you remember, Android requires the “menu” and “Back” buttons to control it, and here there is only one button that performs only the “Home” role.
Like a year and a half ago I was holding a copyIphone 5, in which the Home button was cleverly configured and could play the role of both the “menu” and “back” and “home”. Here the place on your screen will be taken by an incomprehensible gray button, which can be used to change the location, but which, when pressed, displays the menu, back, home and Siri buttons on the screen.
Instead of Siri, of course, Google Search opens, which immediately crashes with an error.
There is much more that can be written here, but it's better to just look at the skins and cry.
Interface screenshots

Video review from me-

Video Look from the seller here.
Conclusions Qualitative copies of the iPhone exist. But this is not her. The only thing that matches the specifications here is the MT6582 processor.
- Screen 960 * 540 instead of the declared 1280 * 720
- The screen is plastic
- The camera is complete horror (maximum 2 megapixels instead of the claimed 13)
- Poor plastic case of incomprehensible color
- Awful smartphone translation
- weak battery
Pros? For myopic and blind, this phone will really look like an Iphone 6 until they pick it up or see it clearly.
It would be possible to buy IT only for a child, for 50 dollars and at the old rate. In current realities - be careful.
The phone will be sent back to the Chinese, I will also shake the shipping cost from it.
Thank you for reading, read my reviews here.
Video reviews here.
There will be something interesting soon
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